11 things I can’t quite get my head around 

Because Friday is just not a day to be deep and meaningful or to think too hard about anything. I’m also really tired and have bags under my eyes and feel like bitching.

I just don’t get these things. I just do not.

1) Squad goals.

Are you a sports team? What are your goals exactly? Have you written a plan you can show us all?

2) On fleek.

On what? Fleek sounds like something I would have called my sister to upset her in 1998.

3) That pose where girls put a finger over their mouths.

Hayfever? Telling someone to be quiet? Superglue accident? U ok hun?

4) lip liner.

I’ve tried and I’ve tried (three times) and it just makes me look like Barbie after a bender.

5) Kylie Jenner.

6) Instagram grids of 99% selfies.

It’s great that you like you and all, but you know there is nature and stuff outside? Go take a photo of a tree or something.

7) Reddit.

8) Pom poms.

Sorry entire blogging world and all fashion people. I just can’t get into furry little balls on bag or shoes.

9) All Day.

I see this as a caption on Instagram all the time and I don’t understand and someone please make me understand. Am I just an old, out of touch git?

10) shiny, glossy, neat full fringes.

Got one cut three weeks ago, clip it up everyday. HOW? Is there some kind of cult you have to join to get the secret to an eternally perfect fringe? Can someone wire me an invitation?

11) Americano.

It’s never gonna be a latte.

Happy Friday. Next week I’ll be serious and better at everything, particularly blogging xoxo

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