New is scary. New is good. 

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Trying new things is how we get places. New jobs, new homes, new friends, new skills, new face wash. You gotta try it to do it and until you do you’ll never know. It’s just all a bit scary, diving into the unknown and not knowing if you’ve made the right choice or if you’ve just wasted your time.

There’s definitely something addictive about taking that plunge. I seem to do it a lot. Changing career, changing opinions, changing your stance on a friendship. It all counts as being new if it’s your first time and it’s one of the most important aspects of life. It’s how we grow and how we get better. So why don’t we do it more? It’s one of those things that features on your New Years resolutions list time and time again: try more new things!!! Underlined 10 times in your best red pen.

We know it’s good for us and we get told how important it is throughout our lives by parents and teachers but so often we’re afraid and rightfully so. Change is scary. Scary isn’t a particularly great feeling. Well, until you overcome it and then feel like you can do anything and that you’ll probably end up dominating the world by Christmas. It’s important to have goals. If not domination then at least a nice new pair of shoes.

I find myself so often judging people who don’t go and try new things and explore the world a bit more. I’m not talking traveling continents or even the country, I’m talking about just broadening horizons and taking a break from the norm. I judge because I’ve done things that frighten me and I want everyone to know how good a change in your life can be, or even a new flavour or a dip into a different culture. But then I remember how scary new things can be and how easily we’re comforted by what we know and I’m like, yep, I can totally relate to taking the easier path. It’s human nature.

It might not be possible to try new things all the time, life is always getting in the way, but the more we take the plunge the more we’ll want to do it again and again.

New is scary but let’s remember how bloody amazing something fresh can feel. Be it a new haircut or a massive life change.

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