3 thoughts for Sunday 


Oh Sunday. Day of bed. (But this Sunday I’ll be galavanting round the Wild Atlantic Way taking photos of ponies. So not so much bed.)

I have so little Internet access where I’m currently staying in Ireland that I have no idea what the weather is doing tomorrow. Big deal for someone weather obsessed. I can judge it using the cows apparently though, so there’s  that. 

I’ve had a weirdly reflective couple of weeks and an especially reflective last 5 days. I can’t blog properly until I’m home but here’s three things I’ve thought about a lot lately: 

1) We need to let more go. 

I need to do this badly. Life is short. Too short for grudges or dithering. Make up or break up or whatever you’re doing, just do it. We could use some more happiness in the world right now, I think letting go of being negative and annoyed or being angry for whatever reason is a good place to start. 

2) We have got to engage with the world. 

As if the news alone isn’t enough to get you thinking, and hopefully acting, it’s surely time we all did a little something. There’s a lot that’s wrong right now and there’s surprisingly easy ways to do your bit. For example the refugee crisis- this article gives you 5 practical ways to help. 

3) Eat the cake. 

Yep. Just not TOO much cake. 

I do have blog posts longer than a 46 second read lined up. But in the meantime, LOOK: 


4 thoughts on “3 thoughts for Sunday 

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  2. Such a lovely post 🙂 Thank you for reminding me that it’s ok to eat the cake and let go a little more often! We all need to be reminded every now and again.
    Flo x


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