20 little things that make having to be an adult not so bad


1)Having crumpets for dinner and never being sorry about it.

2) Having a glass of wine just because.

3) Knowing you have friends who you can still rely on even without a daily WhatsApp marathon.

4) Setting your own goals for life, or even just the day and then ticking them off like ‘I RULE THE WORLD.’

5) Getting a bit drunk while cooking dinner.

6) Eating most of dinner while cooking dinner.

7) Actually having money to look after, because there might not be enough of it, but at least you feel like you’re doing something right.

8) Doing your own food shopping. Garlic bread with three types of cheese? Erm, yes please.

9) Having a legit reason to look through homeware sections for the place you live in or are working on living in.

10) Being able to lay in bed all day on a Sunday and only get up when someone texts inviting you for a roast.

11) Buying cleaning products purely on how good they smell and how fun the colour is. It can’t only be me?

12) Being able to decide on things that make you properly, truly happy (like crumpets for dinner, right?)

13) Feeling really pleased when you get a total bargain food shop.

14) Deciding to go on holidays you can’t entirely afford but doing it because you bloody well want to.

15) Being able to afford alcohol that doesn’t taste like washing up liquid and make you feel like DIY is happening in your skull the next day.

16) Eating healthily and then feeling like you’re going to live forever until your next hangover and emergency Dominos.

17) Going out for breakfast on a Sunday with your friends like you’re in SATC but most likely wearing Primark.

18) Becoming really good at cooking and wondering if you might be a culinary genius at least twice a week. (And then crumpets for dinner again)

19) The satisfaction you get when your fridge looks healthy.

20) Being able to arrange a foreign adventure with your mates over WhatsApp, from bed.

Looking to book a dreamy trip to Thailand for your next holiday? Here’s what you need to do


It’s never too early to start thinking about your next holiday. Never.

I’ve blogged about Thailand before, but since I’m sitting making plans of exactly what I want to do when I go back (you can’t go only once, it’s not possible) I thought I would blog some more. I had the most amazing time in this incredible country, and while these days it’s one of the top backpacker destinations, you don’t have to go there with too few changes of clothes, a dusty rucksack and a tie-dye vest, although there’s nothing I can remotely say to suggest that isn’t fun either, because it damn well is.

I am a massive lover of bargains, and this includes travel, but sometimes luxury is exactly what you want and need. I would always suggest travelling round a place like Thailand because there’s so much to do and see, but if you also want maximum relaxation and total Thai beach vibes to take over your body, you need to make sure you don’t overdo it. I wouldn’t normally blog about a specific hotel, but actually, I LOVE hotels, so I’m going to start.

If you want to have a holiday with beaches that are so beautiful you’ll probably cry, hustle and bustle if you want it, but total pristine calmness if you want that too, get yourself to Krabi. More specifically, get yourself to Railay. I remember climbing into a longtail boat at about 6pm, just as stuff was getting all dusky and romantic (with my dusty rucksack may I add) and not really even knowing what to expect from Railay. I thought it was a kind of island (technical travel term), as you have to go there by boat, but turns out it’s just cut off from the main town by dense jungle. Standard Asia. Getting the boat in is an absolute dream though, it was like getting a water taxi to heaven. That’s the best way to describe it. Think green, jutting cliffs that are totally postcard Thailand, calm crystal clear water and white coves poking out everywhere.


I remember exchanging ‘OMG we have found paradise shall we dance or cry or sing or just hug’ glances with my boyfriend as we rolled in to Railay Bay. We booked into the most beautiful hotel, Railay Village Resort and Spa, as a treat after staying in hostels, and HELLO DREAM LIFE. Please go here. Please go here and send me photos of you here so I can live through you. While the hotel itself is amazing, it won’t break your bank at all, which is even MORE amazing.

This place gives you pretty much everything you could possibly want from a tropical, luxurious getaway. The rooms are gorgeous, the service is amazing, the beach is incredible and the spa is flipping brilliant. I’ve stayed in two different rooms here, because once wasn’t enough, and they are enormous. So much room for activities. You can also sometimes hear monkeys casually running across the roof, which made me all kinds of excited.

The pool is enormous and every room has its own sun loungers l. It’s surrounded by trees and flowers and it’s all immensely tranquil. Very good if you want to relax to the point you forget your own name.

This place does a mean pad Thai too. And excellent breakfast.

The beach leads onto to this little place called Walking Street, which is a little sandy lane lined with boho bars, street food and if you go far enough and don’t mind walking through some foliage, a few truly amazing restaurants. One of the best curries I have ever had happened here, along with the single best margarita I’ve ever drank. Because boat is the only way to get here, it’s never massively busy, so even if you find yourself on Walking Street, it’s all still completely chilled.

At night they lay out little cushions and candles on the beach so you can have a beer or a cocktail and listen to the waves. Shall we all just go now?


We flew from Bangkok to Krabi after spending time on Koh Samed, and the hotel organised everything, which when you’ve dealt with the stress of ad-hoc Thai logistics, is really very helpful. We were picked up from tiny Krabi airport, driven to an office, put in a golf buggy, then taken to a pier and led onto a longtail. Book this place through Booking.com or their own site linked above, and you pay for one night in advance, the rest upon arrival. You can also email the hotel to arrange all the travel to get you there, and get you back to reality. They are an efficient bunch.

The beach has longtail boats back to the pier if you want to venture to Krabi town or if you have to leave (immense sad times) and also to Ao Nang, which to be honest, is great for trashy shopping and emergency fast food if you feel need it (and good medical centres) but has a bit of an ott tacky tourist vibe to it, so I wasn’t mad keen.

The few hotels in Railay Bay do excursions and you can literally have a go at all sorts, from going to elephant sanctuaries, national parks, snorkelling, rock climbing, island hopping and food classes. But please pick your tourism carefully. Stay away from tiger temples and elephant riding, I did it once and have become much more educated since then and I would never do it again.

I can’t really say more other than, go grab yourself a bikini, a snorkel, and some good books, and get yourself here. If you want an amazing 2016 break (or even end of 2015, you lucky bugger), I cannot recommend this place highly enough. LOVE.

thumb_P5140381_1024 thumb_P5140392_1024


A-Line for autumn: the wear with everything skirt


A-Line is everywhere. Which is good, because I love it. I was meant to buy new shoes the other day to replace a pair that literally disintegrated in the rain last week but what happened was, I bought zero shoes and two A-line skirts instead (plus two tops and some trousers) and I am very happy about it. The skirt in these photos is my favourite of all my skirts at the moment. It’s stretchy, comfy, black and it was only £19.99, which seeing as you can wear it with basically everything, seems like quite bargain. Cheers New Look.

I’m trying my hand at the whole capsule thing at the moment, and getting rid of clothes in preparation to move, and this is going to be at the heart of it. I can also wear it to work, which is always a massive tick for any clothing I buy. I know I can wear this with basically every shirt and jumper I own or even a crop top for times I’m not being an old lady and actually going out. I imagine it’ll look nice with gin splashed down it.

Also massive yay it’s scarf time of the year again. I bloody LOVE scarves. I found the one above in an amazing flea market in Rome a couple years ago.

I spent my Sunday morning exploring Brompton cemetery, which sounds morbid but it’s actually really quite beautiful and on loads of lists of places you should go in London. It’s also the perfect place to go to and then wonder through Chelsea looking at houses you’ll buy when you find a million pounds on the floor or finally become a world famous singer/actor/dancer/chef. We can all dream. So yeah. Cemetery photos happened and in one I look like a moody child, but I was actually looking at an old couple who were looking at a man who was sunbathing. In a cemetery. With very few clothes on. It was quite the morning.

Oh and if you’re looking for a leather jacket that’ll actually keep you warm this winter, the TopShop in these photos is the one you need. It is SO thick and cosy and has detachable fur, which when you leave on the floor does look like a mystery cat and will make you jump out of your skin.




Skirt: Newlook

Jacket: Topshop  

Top: H&M

Scarf: Amazing Italian flea market buy

Boots: Forever 21





14 important things you can do in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea

We’re busy aren’t we, us humans. If you’re in the working game you probably struggle to find time to do other things that take longer than a few minutes during the day. I’m currently in the ‘I think I just blinked and five hours passed’ game, so time is really of the essence. I wish I could be like a sim and have someone command me to do the things I really need to. But I’m not so keen on being trapped Reading this won’t take long. Doing any of these things won’t take long. Lots of amazing things don’t take long. Like eating a piece of banana bread for example, which is absolutely what I am doing now and is absolutely important. Also I hope no one is a freak and drinks there cuppa in under 30 seconds because that ruins this whole idea.

1) Book a smear test

2) Drink some water

3) Read a current, big news story

4) Shut your eyes for a few moments (maybe not in front of your boss)

5) Breast check yourself (Again, not great at work)

6) Go for a quick, phone-less, computer-less walk

7) Eat a piece of fruit

8) Do some breathing exercises (turns out these are VERY good for those you drowning in stress)

9) Be nice to someone, it’s free

10) Moisturise your hands

11) Make someone else a cup of tea. Someone always needs tea.

12) Look up sunsets on Instagram. It’s soothing.

13) Stretch your back out. If you’re a slave to your desk you most likely need it.

14) Mentally think about all the clothes you can give to charity shops. (And all the room you’ll make for new ones)

A blueberry face mask for oily, problematic skin. All natural and all Lush. 

Whenever I find anything good for problematic skin I tend to whack it on here in the hope it’ll help others. I wish I had blogs to help guide the way when I was a teen with ALL of the skin woes. But we’re all here now so it’s fine.

If you’ve read this blog before you’ll likely know I have skin with 99 more problems than Jay-Z.

In all fairness, stuff with my sulky, dull complexion have resolved in the last year or so. I get a lot less spots and I don’t look a like an overused, damp white flannel as much as I used to which is delightful. What I do have problems with lately though is oil.

I just have so much of it chilling out on my face every single day. I put make up on in the morning and by lunchtime it’s most likely all on my chin because my face is like a giant slip-n-slide.

I’ve tried a few things to try and stop it and found a few good face washes but there are still times when it’s out of control.

I went into Lush this week (a scary, unknown land to me as I am so not down with the beauty Lush obsessed blogging world) and asked for a facemask that might sort out my oily issues.

I’m always scared to use new products because I don’t want to trigger an outbreak of unsightly red friends all over my face. I tend to read a lot of reviews and check ingredients before I swap money for a product. I had a chat with a really nice girl in Lush who explained every fresh face mask they have in detail and I went for the Catastrophe Cosmetic after smelling them all and making lots of ‘mmm’ sounds, as I assume all people do in there? 


 It was, I won’t lie, a bit like putting cold blueberry porridge on my face and I looked a lot like I was doing Halloween prep. It actually felt really nice to have a cold mask out of the fridge and it didn’t sting, burn, itch, tingle or make me sneeze, all of which have happened in my sad, failed face mask attempts of the past.

I left it on for just over 5 minutes, by which time it was cracking and dropping into my lap, so I reckon we were both ready. It takes some effort to get off, but immediately my skin felt smooth and weirdly tight, but in a good way. I wasn’t lumpy or allergic, just a bit red, which alarmed me but it went away I was soon as pale as the moon again.

I’ve used it twice, and I can safely say it is good for what it’s marketed at- oily, break-out prone faces. The first time around I had a few red tiny spots around my nose that were noticeably calmer and better looking by morning.

If you do have skin that plays up and is an attention seeking little blighter, I definitely recommend this. It’s very fresh and natural and unlikely to cause you problems. My face is sensitive in quite a big way and I was convinced the minute I put it on that I would regret it, but I’m sold.

Good for oil, food for redness, good at calming. Just remember to put it back in the fridge and use it within weeks like the responsible adult you are.

Also buy if you want to look as smoking hot as this round the house of an evening:

Ever felt bad about yourself for not being what other people want you to be? Come join the club of EVERYONE. 



Sometimes I feel so horribly guilty about stuff that I shouldn’t give a second thought to that I wonder if there’s something wrong with me. What is more likely though, is that it’s society telling me I should feel bad and should act a certain way and look a certain way and feel a certain way, and if I don’t then I’m an outsider. I’m wrong and the trendsetters are right and I should go think about what I’ve done. Shame on me.

I go through phases of trying to eat mostly plant-based food (lol tonight I had nandos and mug cakes and two kinds of cheese) because it’s good for me and it’ll make me healthier and thinner and stronger and people will nod and clap and cheer. YAY GREEN JUICE. And then I remember Biscoff and tangfastics and it’s like, sorry broccoli hun, not today. 

I go through phases of trying to dress differently. I try to buy things that other people will approve of and get flustered and annoyed if I leave the house and something doesn’t look right because the thought of those strangers judging me on the tube is awful. Then I remember I like floral things and I like being warm and I like having comfy feet and it’s like, sorry over-priced, uncomfortable, not practical shoes, you gotta stay at home today. 

I also go through phases of trying to alter how I act to change people’s perceptions of me so they’ll accept me quicker or think I have a different, more appealing life than I really do. Then I remember that’s just a shit thing to do. It’s just so lame. And all other words that mean the same as lame in the theosauras. All of them.

This has been in my drafts for a while and I’ve never found time or really liked the way it read to finish it and hit publish. But this week has been a week out of the ordinary and for the first time in ages I haven’t even felt a glimmer of those thoughts, which might be why I can finally finish writing about them. 

It’s just so ridiculous that we all go about our lives concerned over what others are doing and looking at photos of people famous for doing not much else other than pouting on Instagram and having desirable eyebrows. 

It’s when unexpected things happen that thoughts like ‘I don’t want people to think I don’t double cleanse my face and eat courgetti’ become so bloody stupid. Like, what is our problem? I would rather not have so many bad, sad or down times that force me into putting things into perspective, but it’s definitely good on occasion to remember that I am what’s important, not strangers or judgement from people I likely would never share a friendly word with anyway. 

It gets bad sometimes. It gets so bad that I want to tell myself that I can’t sit with us. I would rather I go away to a corner and stay there. It would be grand if we could sometimes take out our overly conscious brains and stick them at the back of the wardrobe while we have some time off from worrying about appearances and how happy people think we are. There’s a market for personalised brain boxes on Etsy and I said it first. 

It’s not a groundbreaking, genius or bold statement, but wouldn’t it be good to keep our head together and in the real life game the way it fleetingly feels when we’re reminded that there are things way more important and meaningful to spend our brainpower on. 

10 reasons to plan a road trip on The Wild Atlantic Way in ireland

I was planning on jetting off somewhere hot and sunny for an end of summer break, but after much deliberation and searching ‘Galway’ on Instagram, Ireland happened. I was meant to go to Ireland a few years ago but a volcano errupted in Iceland and the airspace got closed. Casual as you like. FYI I went to Cardiff instead and had a bloody great time driving round Wales, drinking flavoured vodka and suffering very harsh hangovers.

Anyway, IRELAND. I used to be against going anywhere without a guarantee of sunshine, heat and beach days, but lately I’ve become kind of obsessed with beautiful landscapes and I don’t care if they’re not basked in glorious heat (bonus if they are obviously), I just care that they look good and I can climb all over them with a camera. Ireland ticks that box. It ticks it a thousand times over. I’m half Irish, so I have family connections and decided to try and visit the tiny village where my grandmother was born. I also, ever since watching PS I Love You as a weepy teenager, have wanted to visit Galway. So we did both and I cannot recommend you do the same enough. Maybe not those specific places but most certainly the Wild Atlantic Way. 1. You’ll come across villages like this, which is a jolly little place called Doolin. We drove past here on our way back from the Cliffs of Moher, and it sort of just came out of nowhere. one minute it was all fields of wild flowers and not much else, the next minute there was this flash of pink and there was Doolin. We stopped here for tea and to take photos of how outrageously quaint it was and met a dog called coolin. Coolin from Doolin. What more could you ask for?

Instagram: @dannyboyjnr

2. The People are amazing. I know it’s common knowledge that you aren’t likely to stumble upon random ‘hellos’ and friendly smiles from strangers in London, so maybe us Londoners notice it more when we go elsewhere, but the friendliness is another level. We were greeted everywhere with such hospitality that we felt like we knew everyone.

3. Everywhere looks like a postcard. I’m not joking. Everywhere. It is so beautiful. I went to Scotland earlier this year (ticking off those British Isles) and I wondered if anything could ever be so bloody gorgeous. Ireland is, just in different ways. If you like colourful houses, endless amounts of flowers, amazing coastlines and uninterrupted countryside and pubs galore, you need to book a holiday to the Emerald isle.

4. Bleak never looked so good. You definitely don’t go to Ireland for the weather and you certainly won’t be hitting up ASOS for new bikinis before you depart, but the lack of sunny days and sunbathing doesn’t matter because even grey days look like fairytales. For bleak at it’s very best visit the Flaggy Shore, which is in the protected Burren landscape. I found this by using my trusty Instagram search that’s so good for travelling, and knew I wanted to see it.

5. You can channel your inner Dora the Explorer all day everyday. Ireland is the kind of place where you can do a lot of absolutely nothing or a lot of everything and have equally good times. We went into caves, went on historical tours, went on walks, watched hurling, sat in pubs, went on long drives, fed ponies, went to national parks, visited castles. A lot basically. We did a lot. But it also felt really peaceful, probably because there is so much silence.

6. It makes the ultimate road trip. If you’re going to spend a lot of time in a car, which I’m not hugely keen on, it needs to be worth your while. Essentially, you need to be able to continually be like ‘omg pull over I need to take a photo.’ The roads along the Wild Atlantic Way drive are really good too, just keep your eyes peeled for the waves symbol on road signs. So yeah, fire up your best 90s playlist and get going.

7. Guinness really does taste better in Ireland. Yep, they weren’t lying. If you’ve tried it outside of Ireland and thought it absolutely vile, you need to get to Dublin and get yourself a pint.

8. Connemara National Park. This gets a point of its own because it was just so damn beautiful. We went on the only day of sunshine we had and it looked like The Shire. If you go into the actual national park be sure to do one of the mapped walks, preferably the blue or red as they go highest and the view just gets better and better. Kylemore Abbey is also stupidly pretty and there are Instagram opportunities that’ll blow your tiny mind.

9. You can do it on a really low budget. If you’re coming from the UK especially, you can get immensely cheap flights (we flew from Gatwick for £45 return), car hire is cheap (around £160 all in all) and we used Air B&B for accommodation. Dublin is an expensive city so if you want to spend a lot of time there doing tourist bits, take extra money, but outside of Dublin prices aren’t so bad. Eating out isn’t the cheapest but if you’re willing to cook some meals you can cut costs a lot.

10. The Air B&B game is strong. So very strong. We stayed in the most beautiful house overlooking a lake in county Clare with a really lovely family. We had our own apartment which was in there basement (although it had three bedrooms, a garden, lake view and large kitchen, so not so much basement as full on house) and spent an evening drinking wine and being taught all about the country. We had another really nice, quaint and fully equipped house to stay in when we got to Galway. The perks of Air B&B are endless in my opinion and Ireland has a lot to offer, so be sure to check there before you book into hotels.

What I’m saying is, go to Ireland, do a road trip, Instagram pink houses and try Guinness. You won’t regret it.

Some photos are by @dannyboyjnr who you should follow on Instagram more amazing travel pictures

Current favourite Instagram accounts. Go follow and give your eyes a treat.


When I first got Instagram I thought I would probably use it for a month then forget my password and never use it again. I didn’t really understand the appeal and I’ve never fully jumped on board the selfie train, so it all felt a bit lost on me. I did go through a lull of only using it to look at other people’s posts, but in the last six months, thanks to a new interest in photography and having a blog, it’s easily become my favourite social media platform.

I’m obsessed with travel photos and sunsets and breakfast, so I’ve filled my timeline with lots of accounts that post endless pictures of beautiful beaches and places that immediately prompt you to check skyscanner and ones that make you starving hungry. It’s also a become a big part of blogging, which encourages me to try and use it everyday. I have accounts I go to daily now, just like Twitter, to check if there’s any new posts, and these are some of my favourites at the moment that you should definitely go follow immediately to improve your life and treat your eyes.

  1. positivelyflo

I LOVE Flo’s photos. They’re so colourful and dainty and depict the kind of nice, healthy, balanced lifestyle I’d like to lead more of. She also has seriously strong food game if you’re into homemade treats. Her blog is pretty lovely too.

2. dannyboyjnr

Kind of is my boyfriend, so kind of am biased but if you like London, impressive buildings, quirky travel photos and generally amazing photography, check his account. The Shard never looked so good.


3. thegirlonthemoveblog

So much love for this account. Victoria’s travel photos give me all of the wanderlust and they’re always so bright and cheerful. There’s also occasionally amazing food to feast your eyes on too, so that’s an added bonus.

4. sophiecliff

I don’t know Sophie personally but she’s kinda like an internet blogging friend and she likes everything I like, so I obviously love her Instagram. She’s always doing fun stuff, always has nice clothes and always has perfect eyeliner.

5. SymmetryBreakfast

breakfast is the best meal of the day and if you disagree you’re wrong. Strong statement I know, but how can you not love breakfast food? I found this account through the Instagram features series and I absolutely love it. Symmetrical breakfast everyday from London town and they even do it on the road. It’s basically everything I aspire to in terms of food. And kitchenware.

6. ralfafara

Becca is a park ranger in the US (seriously cool) and her Insta feed shows just how amazing her job is. So many amazing photos of mountains and lakes and bears and snow and sunshine. If you’re into scenery, this is definitely for you.

7. thesundaychapter

Angela takes the most beautiful, glossy, girly photos for her blog and her Instagram is exactly the same. Every photo looks professionally done and like it’s been lifted off of a magazine spread. All of the grid goals. All of them.


Favourite recent buys

After going 2 months without much  disposable income due to changing jobs, I got paid at the end of August and erm, bought some things. You know how it is. Payday lands and you jump in your limo and go direct to Oxford Street? No me either. But anyway. PRETTY, NICE NEW THINGS. There are a lot more than four, this is just what I have access to right now. I have been maybe the busiest I have ever been for the last few months, so I have been blogging on trains, from planes, in hotel rooms and mostly on my phone. I mean, just look at the amazing retro hotel carpet you’re being treated to in the above photo. I was going to wait until I was home to do this post but that would be Thursday at the earliest and quite frankly, life is not always rainbows, butterflies and pristine marble surfaces. Mine’s currently more travel hairdryer, damp fringe and tights with holes. The glamour never ends.

Bourjois 1 Seconde  Mascara

This mascara is a re-purchase as I got yo try it at the start of summer when it launched and loved it. It’s such a good, beauty buy  at a good price and I never usually feel happy with mascaras, so yeah. It does length and thickens equally well so you don’t need two products and you certainly don’t need much of it. I highly recommend keeping one handy or trying it if you fancy a change. It’s also okay for giving a quick boost to lower lashes without making them look gloopy and like dead spiders. It’s not Halloween yet, lets save that look for October.

New Look tea dress

I saw this as I was walking into Brighton New Look to buy tights, did a loop of the shop and just swooped back on it. The colour is dark yellow enough to be good for autumn and it’s just quite cheery. It’s also very flattering for hips and I have plenty of those. Good for layering too, so everyone give it a clap.

Forever 21 ankle boots 

I got these in brown but I wanted them in dark red originally. Tragically my size keeps being sold out but these are winners regardless of colour. They’re cheap at only £19.99, comfortable, perfect with tights and look so nice with skinny jeans. I wore them in Ireland and tried them out on a cliff edge for fun, as you do. Both shoes and i survived.

Rimmel Match Perfection brush concealer 

I don’t use concealer that much unless I get a delightful, bright red babe of a zit come for a visit on my face. When I do though, it’s usually a MAC one as I’ve never found better, but I picked this up before I went away as I had a hormonal spot attack on my chin that was really sexy and about half hour spare to buy things. I love it. The brush applicator is so good and it’s also amazing for under your eyes which many concealers aren’t. It’s easy to blend in and I’ve started usIng it everyday to reduce redness. Massive love for this stuff. If you suffer with a slightly blotchy complexion like me I really recommend it. It sits nicely under the widely used Rimmel Stay Matte powder too.

A sad reminder that life is now and we need to live it 


Today’s post was going to be about new clothes and shoes but then something much more important came up. This seems to happen more and more as I get older but this was particularly unexpected and thought provoking in a very shocking and sad way. The emotions that make you feel the saddest in turn seem to make you think the most. 

When someone your own age dies I feel like you can’t help but reflect on your own life. Thankfully I haven’t had much experience of this, but this weekend I did and reflecting on it made me think for the millionth time how precious time itself is. We truly don’t know how much we have, so making it counts is important every single day. It’s a quote we hear so often -make everyday count, but you simply cannot deny how true it is. 

If tomorrow was your last day would you feel like you’d done enough? Probably not, because whether you’re in your mid-twenties like me, or younger or older, you generally imagine you have years stretching ahead of you. But then suddenly you find out that someone who should have this extra time to tick things off and get stuff done and explore, learn and love more, didn’t get it. 

You really can’t do enough in life, it’s just not possible. We can’t have amazing experiences and grand adventures everyday, not even every month. We have lives to live and money to make and bills to pay. But we really do have to take time and turn it into something worthwhile. 

We don’t get to hit a button to restart a day and we haven’t got to the bottom of time travel. We just have to do what we can and worry less about the the things that ultimately don’t add anything to the experience of living.

If at the very least, I like to think the loss of a vibrant, funny and beautiful young woman can provide a stark reminder to the rest of us to live.