18 reasons being alive in 2015 is bloody great


I feel like getting dragged down by tiredness and work stress and then coming home and watching the depressing world events on the news can make life seem like too much of a dark place sometimes. Working in a news environment with a wall of TVs broadcasting every news channel means I have no escape from it either. While I think engaging in what’s happening in the world is immensely important, lets face it, we all need some relief sometimes. Some relief and a Nandos. So yeah, here’s some weird, not very significant and sugar-coated reasons I’m pleased be alive and kicking in 2015.

1) It’s easier than ever to travel. Cheap flights, amazing tour companies and a wealth of information online to plan your perfect trip.

2) Dry Shampoo. What an absolute dream of a product.

3) Parks and Recreation.

4) There are now fast food places, like Leon’s, that do HEALTHY fast food not covered in plastic cheese. Hallelujah.

5) GBK milkshakes. Particularly peanut butter and vanilla.

6) Digital technology means you can have a voice and do something great with it. And things are only getting better.

7) There are still (sometimes shockingly) inherently good humans in the world and we have plenty of reminders of that. One being this story of the girl who raised money for a man who was mugged. That has to cheer you up.

9) The shard is just there in London, waiting to look all tall and sexy on your Instagram, even when it’s grey and rainy.

10) The ASOS outlet.

11) Paypal. Making life so much easier for everyone.

12) TV just keeps getting better. Okay, so ever finding better TV than Broadchurch season 1 is gonna be a challenge, but there is SO MUCH GOOD STUFF to watch.

13) Netflix. Just Netflix.

14) Collection 2000 (or just Collection, these days) still sell the best liquid eyeliner pen and it’s still really, really cheap.

15) Boots advantage card. Yep.

16) The story about the woman who took her dying dog an epic bucket list day out and everyone in my office cried at their desks reading it.

17) Sky Gardens. They’re having a bit of a moment. And they’re pretty bloody great.

18) People seem to be giving afternoon tea the love and attention it deserves. Any reason for more cake.

8 thoughts on “18 reasons being alive in 2015 is bloody great

  1. Yesssss this is so good! Agreed on the afternoon tea thing, there’s a place in Leeds that does a ‘gentlemans afternoon tea’ with pork pies and beer that makes it 367484738393 easier to convince boyfriends to join in the cake too. The world is a good place to be.


  2. I just love your blog! Its always so spot on. Boots Advantage Card 100%. I have only been to Leon’s once, but it was delicious, and although so much shitty stuff is happening right now, its good to remind ourselves that some people don’t suck! XX


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