12 ridiculous things people in their twenties have said to me lately


Because I like to document the fact I only keep company with good people.

1) Going to the Planetarium has put everything in perspective. Everything will just one day dissolve. I felt so inspired I purchased a book.

2) I feel like I can relate to goats more than people at the moment.

3) I drank some water from the work surface the other day because I suddenly panicked about wastage and I was really hungover.

4) For £50, I would drink the dishwasher scum water.

5) I refuse to join real life. I might just live wild and start a photography blog of photos of me hunting and sleeping in hedges.

6) Are the grill and the oven the same? What is the key difference?

7) I just want to find a painting worth millions and cash in. Hard assets bruv.

8) But when the milk leaves the animal what then? What happens? Is there a procedure? A recipe? different between cow and goat?

9) I’ve never wanted anything more than to jump in that sandbox.

10) sometimes at work I stop and I’m like…I know nothing. I don’t know what anyone is talking about. I don’t know what I even really do.

11) I might simultaneously shit myself and throw up and no one cares about it.

12) I just opened my umbrella and a tampon came flying out.

5 thoughts on “12 ridiculous things people in their twenties have said to me lately

  1. Number 3 made me laugh. I signed up to a monthly charity donation to Wateraid when I was hungover. The advert came on TV and I was distraught that I had to go as far as the kitchen to ease my throbbing head, let alone walk 10 miles with a bucket on my head.


  2. This was hilarious – number 6 was literally me when I first moved out of my Mums house, I thought my grill was broken but just didn’t know you had to actually keep the door open for it to work!

    Excited for your future posts 🙂


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