Online stalking and the rise of the non-celebrity


So the rise of smartphones and social media means we are all now massive stalkers. Well, not all of us but a fair amount I reckon. Sometimes I think I do it without even realising. You innocently go to someone’s profile to see what they’ve been up to and the next thing you know you’re checking out what their cousin’s best friend wore on her hen-do in Ibiza last year and wondering who the really pretty girl is in the photos and then clicking on her name. You know how it is.

Stalking is one thing, but now there seems to be this whole other level to it which I’m calling the non-celebrity. You become so obsessed with stalking someone on social media that they achieve a celebrity-style fascination status in your mind. I refuse to believe me and my friends are alone in this. It’s the kind of thing that once you start, even though you know it’s wrong and actually downright creepy, you just can’t stop.

Facebook chat, WhatsApp, texts…you send screenshots and updates and ask eachother ‘OMG HAVE YOU SEE WHAT THEY JUST POSTED’ then spend time analysing it. I mean, having friends that work in media and have to spend a lot of time on social websites doesn’t help, and that’s kinda my excuse. We have to check the channels for work more than the average person, so you get even further sucked in. But I mean, it’s no excuse really, we’re just enormous creeps.

The weird thing is, sometimes mid-way through another Facebook chat group update on this person we basically barely know, I stop to wonder what’s wrong with us? Why have we let society do this to us? Why do we even care? Light entertainment? Morbid fascination? Extreme noseyness? I literally don’t know anymore. It’s still hilarious and it’s still a nice distraction sometimes mid-way through a really busy day when you’ve barely come up for air to swipe your phone into life and see a little update and a comment from someone about someone else’s life that you are now way more interested in than any Kardashian or David Beckham’s underwear photos.

Who needs real celebrities when you can just make your own?

I have at least three non-celebrities in my life right now. Think I need to go take up knitting or singing lessons or something, ANYTHING, to make this stop. (JK, probably never gonna happen)

2 thoughts on “Online stalking and the rise of the non-celebrity

  1. I can be guilty of this, it is so easy to start clicking through to people you don’t even know and nose through their profile! I too often stop and think ‘what the hell am I doing?!’ but I don’t think any particularly individual has risen to non-celebrity status in my life. Unfortunately the amount of conversations that start with ‘have you seen what so-and-so posted today?’ among some of my close friends is getting ridiculous, you’re so right when you say that they have elevated this person to a celebrity status but it seems impossible to revert the process!


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