Whether you stay or stray, you should always say yes to travel and here’s 5 reasons why


Sri Lanka, 2015

I am an out and out travel advocate. I can’t get enough of it and I will do it as often as I possibly can, hopefully forever. I’ve even spent time thinking about kid friendly places to travel to when the time comes. Yep. I am that obsessed. When I was younger I thought I would be living some luxury life with an amazing job where I just jetted off to the Maldives and posed with my abs out in various TopShop bikinis. Then like, real life happened and I bumped gently down to earth and did normal travelling with Primark vest tops and £1 flip flops and I love it regardless. Oh and I realised I cba with abs. Pasta and cheese are my bros for life.

Until the last couple of years, I thought the only travel worth spending money on was going miles away to far away tropical beaches and photography goldmines, but now I know better. Now I know that you should just say yes and you should just go.

1) You don’t ever get time back.

You gotta do things when you can, because you most certainly can’t go back and do them. Sadly, no clever scientist or far out professor has made time travel a thing, which upsets me greatly. When someone suggests going somewhere, if you can do it, JUST GO. Why the hell wouldn’t you? Time waits for no woman and no man.

2) Any experience is better than none.

I am all about this these days. I would rather jump on a train and go somewhere an hour from home I’ve never been to, and experience it no matter how low key it is, than do nothing at all. If it’s all you can afford, then make it the best it can be. I’ve done a few staycations over the last couple of years, something I would never have wanted to do when I was younger, and they’ve been amazing.

3) Cheap deals want you to go

I recently went to Copenhagen for 2 nights, explored the whole town and popped over to Sweden for the morning for a grand total of £100 plus about £90 spending money. Cheap flights using Skyscanner’s ‘to anywhere’ function (where you only select your place of departure) and booking up a little apartment on air B&B meant me and my boyfriend used money we had left over in a month to go to two new places. We did everything cheap, catered for ourselves in the apartment and did lots of research. Another place to cross off the list, and another little adventure to look back on.


Copenhagen, 2015

4) Travel= memories

I spent last night rolling around in stitches laughing with my friends about a God awful trip we went on to Spain (the ‘hotel’ we stayed in issued fines if you didn’t empty your own bins.) Whether they’re good, bad, awful or hilarious, travel will always give you memories. Who doesn’t need more memories?

5) You constantly learn new things when you’re away from home

Doesn’t matter if you’ve gone from London To Wales or London to Papua New Guinea, you’ll still learn something new. I don’t think I would have grown as much as I have in knowledge and open mindedness if I hadn’t got out there and been places. I mean, even if you go to the Lake District for the weekend, you’re away from home, you’re away from what’s normal and you’re doing something different.

I genuinely might just put my Google Maps on and go for a walk around a bit of Fulham I haven’t ventured to before. Might find a nice tree to Instagram or something.


Isle of Skye, 2015


Brighton, 2015

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