The three products that finally gave me good skin 

I’ve long struggled with my skin. It’s been a big cause of anxiety and unhappiness in my life, particularly in my early twenties when it seemed to only ever get worse. I’ve never suffered with big red spots or blackheads, it’s more like a lumpy rash that sits under the skin and makes me look awful and looked terrible under any bright light. I tried everything, including seeing specialists and spending a lot on skin mapping and expensive products, but to no avail.

Last year however, at long last, I found something that worked and my skin has now cleared up completely. I still get the odd bad week but overall, it looks better than ever. It’s mostly down to three products and a good routine.

Elemis Tri-enzyme resurfacing face wash was the game changer. I started using it when things were really bad with my skin, and I was so fed up with trying new things that didn’t work that I didn’t expect anything. However, within a fortnight, my skin was clearer, more even, a better colour and 90% less lumpy looking. The change was quite drastic. Drastic in the best way possible, obvs. I’m on my third bottle of this now and while I guess it is quite pricey at £28, it’s worth every penny.

Due to Elemis being a resurfacing wash, you do have to give your skin a break from it. You also have to use other products if you’re in strong sunlight a lot, so my back up is my trusty old pal Nivea.

A face wash from my student days that has never caused me to breakout or react, and one that does a good job at keeping oil and pimples to a minimum. It’s cheap, gentle, refreshing and perfect for sensitive souls. I’ll always have this in my bathroom. The pink cream wash is my fave.

The third product is a face mask. I never thought I would be able to use masks because I’ve always reacted badly to face products. Soap and Glory’s No More Clogs face mask however, is a dream come true. It leaves your skin feeling utterly heavenly and it’s also heated which makes it feel like a true pamper. It doesn’t give me spots or dry my skin out and if also doesn’t give me a rash which is basically a miracle. I cannot recommend this enough, it’s also fun for sitting around in bed looking like a smurf/the moon. So yeah, all round winner.

These three things combined have done my face wonders. Also sticking to rigorously washing it morning and night and using a warm flannel has massively helped too. I never ever sleep in make up either, even when I roll in at 4am hammered I still make an effort to get it all off. Doesn’t always go that well but never mind.

Yay for nice skin and not trying to cover my face with my hair all the time!

4 thoughts on “The three products that finally gave me good skin 

    • I use it twice a day, morning and night until it runs out. Then I have a couple of months off it and use either La Roche Posay face wash or No7 which I’ve just discovered. Neither are as good but they don’t cause my skin to get worse which is a bonus! Definitely give the Elemis a go. Leave it on for a couple of mins every time


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