The New Look perfume you need to buy


I’m currently very poor thanks to changing jobs and missing a pay day (the horror), so the only things I can treat myself to are cheap and cheerful pick-me-ups. Mostly that’s been Haribo and coffee. Things really are that bad.

Moving away from my financial tales of woe, I thought since it’s not quite near enough to pay day to be celebrating or going on a shopping spree yet, I would recommend something that won’t break the bank but will make you happy. New Look perfume. Yep. New Look.

I got this as a gift a while ago and recently started using it and now I use it every single day. it is SO nice. So surprisingly nice. I have the Pure Dusk Purple, which is a light, almost fruity, musky smell and I absolutely love it. It also lasts all day, is good for sensitive skin, which is a big problem I have with perfume sometimes. It also comes in a very pretty bottle and is a nice lilac colour, so it’ll look good perched on your dressing table. I’ve been told I smell nice quite a few times lately when wearing this, which is a nice treat I guess.

A 50ml bottle is only £7.99 and it’s worth every penny. You can also nab one in a little handbag spray for carrying around and making life smell better. So yeah, if you want something to keep you going until dollar dollar bill day gets here, go treat yourself to this.

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