Hand candy and nail love


For the longest time I’ve not really been massively into paying attention to my hands. I’ve always painted my nails and have a ton of varnishes at home, but I’ve never put it in much effort to making them look nice. Lately though, mostly from perving on sexy nails and rings on instagram, I’ve started to become a bit more bothered with actually having nails that look good and making an effort to wear rings. I have a ring my parents got me for my 18th birthday that I love, and usually never take off, so until now that’s been the extent of my effort.

I was standing in the queue of New Look last week for ages and ended up shoving a pack of rings into the basket. Accidents happen. You can pick up this packet of exciting finger jewels for £3.99. Bargain!


These, paired with my recent nail varnish haul from an Ulta3 event, have given my hands a new lease of life.

my favourite nail varnish currently is Wooly Days, closely followed by the beauty that is Fragile Duck Egg by Illemasque.


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