Ulta3- A bargain beauty brand to take notice of

I’m all about bargains. Why spend loads of money when you can get good products cheaper? Exactly!

This week I went along to the London launch of Australian beauty brand Ulta3. Their nail varnish collection has been sold in the UK before, retailing in a selection of Primark stores, and it did remarkably well, with lots of praise from the beauty community, and I can see why. Since it was so successful, it’s now having a full launch, with other make up products, and it’s going be exclusively sold in Primark. I would before now, have not really spent money on nail varnish there, but after trying out Ulta3 I reckon that will definitely change.

They have SO many nail colours, and so many that are different to the run of the mill which is nice. I consider myself to have every colour that could possibly exist when it comes to nails, but they have a few that stand out such as Hot Cross Fun, wooly Days and Egg-cellent. I’m always a bit put off buying cheaper nail varnishes because there’s not much worse than slapping on thin, runny, gloopy colours onto your nails. But I have to say, this stuff is good. I had my nails painted on the night by the amazing Sophy Robson Nails team (whose Instagram I have lusted over for a long time), and it’s nice, glossy, varnish. Not too thin, not gloopy, no need for 7 layers and doesn’t come with a crappy tiny brush, which is always pleasing when you have borderline freakishly wide nails like me.


There were also some Ulta3 lipsticks on display which impressed me the most out of the other make up they’ll be selling. The packaging isn’t spectacular or stand out, but the colours, particularly Orchid, are very pretty, very girly and it’s really pigmented. It also didn’t dry out on my concrete lips, which is a bonus.


I’m pretty excited about Ulta3, because for a bargain brand you’ll definitely get a bit more than you expect in terms of quality. The nail products in particular should be a big hit. They look nice, they go on nice and the price is nice. The brand will roll out across more UK stores from now, so keep your eyes peeled. Introductory prices will be just £1.50 per item, which for nail varnish like Egg-Cellent and gorgeous autumn shade Mulberry, is really bloody good!


Beside from good products you gotta give a brand credit for effort. It was a really cool launch, with the press type stuff announced over an app, via a video, with headphones handed out at the door. The future is here, kids. It was also at the Double Tree Hilton Sky Bar near Tower Hill, which is totally beautiful and worth a visit if you’re in the market for some roof top drinks.


IMG_5139  IMG_5137

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