Malmo, Sweden: Add it to your city break list


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As far as day dates go, popping to Sweden is an alright way to spend one. I did this recently with my boyfriend when we were in Copenhagen. So technically it wasn’t a day date because we were on holiday, but whatever. You can hop on a train and be in Sweden within half hour from CPH, by crossing a massive, really impressive looking bridge. The bridge in question- The Oresund Bridge, is also the feature of TV show- The Bridge. I won’t use the word bridge again.


Anyway, we weren’t that convinced about going on this trip as we had limited time in Copenhagen and we knew nothing about Malmo. Turns out though, it’s the third biggest city in Sweden, (with only 300,000 people, think about that compared to LDN!?) and it’s a cool little place. I say little, I’m not that sure how big it is exactly but we covered most of it on foot and by canal boat in a few hours. When you first get there it looks a bit industrial and like there might not be much going on, but actually it’s rather lovely once you get stuck in.

We wondered from the station straight onto the canal and decided to hop on a tour. Luckily we had a hilarious guide called Ludwig, who looked like a man born to be on a boat and made some jokes about cat statues and snot, so that was nice. The tour takes you through the port and industrial area, which is a bit bland, but then you start to go through the park and past the main town and everything gets really pretty and totally postcard looking. There are a lot of bridges, a lot of flowers, a lot of buildings more attractive than some humans and a few fountains.

There are restaurants and cafes a-plenty and loads of quirky clothes shops, including a massive H&M because obvs, it’s Scandinavia. They love H&M. The town square is full of statues and gigantic pots of flowers everywhere. Even though it was July and school holidays and lush weather, it was really quiet and chilled. I could easily have spent an entire weekend there, wondering around the park and lounging in cafes and going on boats.

I’d never heard of Malmo before the merry little jaunt, but if you’re looking for somewhere a bit off the radar to have a city break, or just don’t want to go to a crowded, busy, hectic place, I would highly recommend it. You can also get trains to other Swedish cities including Stockholm. Go wild. Go on a Swedish tour. Also, just a side note, the Mcdonalds in Sweden (because who doesn’t love foreign McDs) does a thing called Mcwrap and Co. Get involved.


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