July recommendations

July has been a really busy month in my life and it’s felt like it’s lasted approximately 3 hours, so that’s nice. I’ve started a new job, flitted to Scandinavia and got a new bed and wardrobe. Getting a new furniture is more stressful than it sounds, I can tell you that right now. I have still found ten minutes to throw this together (on my phone, on the tube, which since I started my at my new place of work has become my blogging office, it’s super glam) so yeah. Knock yourselves out.

1) Monty Bojangles chocolates

I got these as part of my bundle of leaving presents from my old job and I quite literally cannot believe how good they are. I’ve never been a massive chocolate addict (yet here I am, mentioning chocolate again) but these things are clearly crafted by the hands of some chocolate God. If you want to make someone bloody happy, send them a box of these. Along with details of where they can obtain them, because they’ll need a lifetime stock after they sample them.

2) Copenhagen

I wrote a post about this lovely little city last week. I went there for a few days as a quick break and it’s so worth checking out if you want to book yourself a city break. It’s small, colourful, ridiculously chilled and full of nice sandwiches. What more could you really ask for? There’s also loads of pretty canals and boat tours to go on while you enjoy an extortionately priced beverage (Scandinavia innit).


3) Apple Music.

Er, Apple Music is AMAZING. I love it. It’s life changing. I’ve listened to the Years and Years album about 15 times in the last week. If you haven’t got it, get it.

4) Seeing a kids film at the cinema

It’s been so long since I saw anything a bit childish at the cinema but I saw Inside Out this week, the new Pixar film, and loved every second of it. I forget sometimes how nice it can be to just sit and watch something so uncomplicated and easy. The film is brilliant, as basically all Pixar films are, and my woman crush Amy Poehler voices the main character. Well worth a dash to the cinema to see it and feel 12 years old for an hour and a half.

5) Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo

I’ve had a dry scalp for about a year now (joy) and i’ve tried loads of different products. This stuff is one of the only things that’s really helped. It also smells less offensive than most shampoos aimed at sorting out this sort of problem, and it isn’t black or dark green, which is nice. The only thing is, your hair doesn’t look clean for very long, but you can just use it every other wash to keep on top on things, and it certainly does the trick.

6) Fortitude

I’ve just started this and it’s pretty bloody good. If you’re after a new TV show to binge watch then definitely consider this. It’s set in Scandinavia on a remote island, deemed the safest town in the world, but obvs things get very unsafe and all manner of shit goes down among the polar bears and the snow. Oh and it stars Stanley Tucci and flipping Dumbledore (well, Michael Gambon) so it was always going to be  amazing. It’s also got a seriously eerie, chilling theme tune. So yeah. GO WATCH.

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