Things to remember when you start a new job


So starting a job isn’t the most fun thing in the world, we can probably all agree. I’ve inflicted it on myself 4 times since leaving uni and every time the first day looms I end up asking myself why I’ve done this again. Why have I left an office and a group of colleagues I’m comfortable and settled with? Like, FFS Lauren, stop pushing yourself to do better. God.

In fairness, I’ve always ended up loving what I’ve done work wise, which is nice, and moving on has been a mixture of natural career progression and working on project contracts, so I’ve sort of had to do it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re super confident or taking on a job you’ve been headhunted for because you’re a sensational genius, I think everyone can relate to first day apprehension. The whole thing of getting used to how things work, even down to tea and coffee. Do you do rounds? Is it all communal? Can I just delve into those mint teabags? Is that cake for everyone? You know how it is. I started a new job last week so it felt like a good time to get this down.

And then there’s all the other crap you have to deal with, like setting up staff with IT, getting  a log in, getting security passes and codes. A long list of new job admin. Oh the joy. At the end of the day though, it really isn’t that bad, and there’s a few things to remember that can ease the process:

THEY hired YOU 

You applied, got shortlisted, got interviewed, maybe got interviewed again and then they picked you. You were the one they wanted, so turning up on your first day should be all about, HIYA I’M HERE AND I’M READY TO PROVE YOU RIGHT. These people wanted you on their workforce, you’re not just rocking up somewhere at random to be annoying and get in the way.

New job, new mindset

This is something I actually really like about starting somewhere new. It’s a good excuse to rid yourself of any work negativity you’ve collected from your old place (I mean, let’s face it, it happens) and spring clean your mind to feel happy and motivated. This is something completely new, with new people and new aims and you can tackle it in whatever you feel best, without any opposition from your negative thoughts.

You’re about to better yourself

Any new job means new experiences, probably some you never even imagined you would have. Any kind of situation you handle or skill you develop can go on the old CV and be used to your advantage. There’s no better time than when you start something new to set yourself some self-development goals and get going with them.

New friend potentials, new drinking partner potentials, new lunch pal potentials etc etc

I think people really make a job what it is, so getting to know new ones is never a bad thing. If you’re fortunate enough to start somewhere and get good people vibes, then you’ll be fine. It takes a while to get to know people and feel comfortable, but having it done it before you know it’s worth it when you do. You can never have enough Friday night wine friends. Never.

So basically, if you’re about to have your first day somewhere or you’re looking for a new job but finding it all a bit overwhelming, just remember that there’s way more good than bad. It’s also totally okay to have a breather in the loo on your first day, just don’t stay in there so long that people notice.

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