Happy place memories. (Mine is a house, FYI)


I credit this to the new Facebook memory thing, that chucks a photo at you of times gone by and lets you share it with everyone and have a good old reminisce. It’s all very nice and nostalgic (until you see a photo of you passed out in Magaluf) and it’s made me realise I 100% have a happy place memory. It’s pretty nice to just be able to cheer yourself up while laying in bed just by thinking about something. I’m not talking about just remembering a good occasion, I’m talking a full on happy place in my brain. I reckon most people have one.

Mine’s a house.

To be more specific, it’s a house Kingston-Upon-Thames and it’s on Hawks Road. You should all go there because it’s amazing and you can get out of date Cornettos in the best corner shop ever. Obviously, Hawks Road, as it’s affectionately known, was a student house. The house that homed a couple of my best uni friends and boyfriend. A house where people generally came to for the purpose of getting drunk by drinking concoctions out of saucepans with about 10 straws chucked in. We also liked to fill measuring jugs with Port and WKD. It was a great time to be alive.

There’s basically not much else that lives in my brain, apart from childhood and family times, that can cheer me up as much as just thinking about that house. Marmite stained sofas, miscellaneous feline guests, a toilet that growled, a secret shower, house parties that resulted in indoor rivers, dancing on chairs, inspections from housing officer Sharon. OH THE MEMORIES ❤ ❤ ❤

That cute little house holds some of my happiest times. There’s not one particular event that stands out, it’s much like the list above, just endless good times. Ridiculous, drunken nights, watching entire TV series in one sitting, cooking disasters, really good dancing, dinners made solely of Yorkshire puddings. I think I could sit and write a dissertation length post about how much I loved and still love that house. It’s not just me either, it’s a place that loads of people associate with happiness. It’s obviously the people that made those couple of years as amazing as they were, and I’m so grateful that I met such amazing friends circa 2009/10, but I’ll always capture it all in my mind by thinking about the house it all happened in.

It’s become a pick-me-up and just thinking about it reminds me that life ain’t so bad, particularly when I’m feeling down on my luck. I will no doubt bore my future teenage children with stories that start “back when I was a student we had this house….”

So yeah, happy place memories are important and I’m glad to have such a bloody wonderful one.

Cheers Hawks Road, I love you babes.

hawk3 hawks1

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