Copenhagen travel diary: What to do and where to go 

Travel blogs are my favourites so every time I go anywhere I get excited and take about 474747 photos so I can shove my love of a new place down the throat of anyone who should happen to be thinking of going there.

Anyway, I went to Copenhagen on a whim with my boyfriend after finding super cheap flights and generally wanting to visit Scandinavia. We got flights for £50 return on good old EasyJet and snapped up the most gorgeously quaint little apartment on Air B&B. Budget trip success.

We had three days to fill so here’s a little rundown of what’s good and where to go so you can just book your own flights and leave immediately. I’ll sort your annual leave out, dw.

Nyhavn: This is postcard Copenhagen and a serious tourist hotspot. I found it a bit busy and over-saturated with people and expensive food, but it sure is pretty. It’s more expensive to eat here, just from glancing at menus, but if you want lunch with a view this is the ideal. Well worth going for a stroll down and hopping on a canal tour too. The tourist trips and attractions were really well priced, a boat tour for one hour from Nyhavn was a mere £9, and you see a lot. This is definitely an Instagram-worthy place if you’re that way inclined. It’s also a good place to start your day and get to other attractions from by bike or on foot.

Instagram: @dannyboyjnr

Things to look at: There’s loads of stuff to just walk and see if you like impressive architecture. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many statues as I did in CPH, even in Rome. The Marble Church is really cool, obviously the Little Mermaid (5 seconds to look at it is sufficient), the free town, the very tall Church of Our Saviour, The Black Diamond and the cool looking science museum are all worth a gander. If you make it to Frederiksborg, the gardens are pretty and you can spend some downtime looking at ducks and geese and the famous Dummy Tree where kids literally hang their dummies when they give them up. Yep, that’s seriously a thing (no idea). There’s also courtyard and door porn everywhere so keep your eyes peeled for cute photo opportunities and doorstep goals.

Instagram: @dannyboyjnr

Instagram: @dannyboyjnr

Frederiksborg Gardens

Tivoli Gardens: Seriously pretty and quirky theme park with rides, peacocks and giant snacks. They also have music and shows on the giant outdoor stage and the whole place gets illuminated at night. I recommend The Demon ride and just generally walking around with your camera out. It’s also best to buy ride tokens as you enter because the machines are card only. The illuminations don’t happen until really late in summer as it doesn’t get dark until about 10:30, so unless you fancy a late night park trip, just go in the day, it still looks impressive.

CPH Zoo: The zoo is in upmarket and leafy Frederiksborg, which is a lot like the posh part of Camden but with more bikes and less live music venues. You can get to the zoo from the gardens but it’s all a bit confusing, so better to just go directly there and do the gardens separately or you’ll end up getting lost and feeling resentment towards herons and ponds. It’s a cool little zoo, loads of animals including a polar bear, hippos, wolves, apes, lions and the ever hilarious prairie dogs that bring joy to life. Oh and they sell churros and have a giant BBQ that smells like dreams, so yeah, mega food points.

Being a general jolly tourist: You can do walking tours, go to galleries, loads of museums, hire segways, go on boats, the usual city break stuff, but it seems different here. Copenhagen isn’t like other cities I’ve been to for shore breaks like Paris or Rome, it’s got a seriously quirky edge to it and the people are so relaxed and calm it seems like some sort of off-peak experience at all times, even when it isn’t. Getting around in theory is really easy, although get a good map, as there a lot of tiny streets and alleys. It’s also insanely colourful and looks a bit like a painting. Kinda like walking around in a colourful fairytale, which is ideal because of the whole Hans Christian Anderson thing they have going on.

Food and drink: SO EXPENSIVE but like, when you’re on your ‘olidays you just go for it, so try Salt, a little restaurant and cafe on the port harbour for burgers or seafood or go for a traditional open sandwich at one of the many cafes. If you want to go out on the lash and be all lads on tour and what have you, take some extra cash, you’ll need it. Alternatively they have Netto (the most popular supermarket, go figure), and 7elevens everywhere. Everyone knows 7eleven is the greatest place on earth. Oh and OBVIOUSLY eat Danish pastries when in Denmark, duh.

Overall, this place has everything you need for a quirky little few days away. It’s not hectic, it’s not complicated, the efficient Metro gets you from A to B so easily and 90% of people use bikes. Such major city green living goals. OH and they have the flagship Lego store which my boyfriend got super-excited about.

You can also hop on a train over to Sweden to the city of Malmo, which is so worth it and I liked it so much im going to write about Sweden separately.


4 thoughts on “Copenhagen travel diary: What to do and where to go 

  1. Your pics are amazing 🙂 I’m going to Copenhagen in August so will definitely check out some of your recommendations! I have a seriously British question.. do most people speak English? I have food allergies so just helps me to know how I’ll get on in the restaurants!


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