8 of my favourite Twitter accounts for you to go stalk and follow 

I spend pretty much all of my spare moments scrolling through Twitter. I’ve come to use it for everything: news, reading material, travel advice, fashion inspiration and keeping up with friends. I also use it for laughs because there are some seriously hilarious people out there tweeting away everyday alongside accounts dedicated to just providing general, sometimes weird lols to the world.

These are 8 of my favourites and you should go follow them too. That is an order.

@incrediblyrich – this guy, who I believe works in the world of journalism/PR, makes me laugh basically everyday. If you like funny stories from nights out, amazing topical gifs and random, somewhat bizarre thoughts about pretty much anything and everything, then he’s your man. He also seems to be mates with Caitlin Moran and Grace Dent so he’s clearly seriously cool.

@Popjustice – Tweets are by hysterically funny music journalist Peter Robinson and I’ve been a dedicated follower of him since my pal did work experience with them and told me how funny he is. HE IS VERY FUNNY. It helps to really enjoy pop music and dry, sarcastic humour, but tbh, he’s funny even if you hate music. (No one hates music though, surely?)

@ohanthonio – Tony is one of my uni friends and got me into Mr Popjustice. He also tweets a lot about music, a lot about Girls Aloud and does a lot of hassling pop stars who haven’t released anything in a while to get a move on. I also really enjoy his Twitter commentary of shit television shows. He tells it like it is.

@daniellelily – Danielle writes the blog While I’m Young and Skinny and she is a travel guru. If you’re into travel and fancy some good links to travel articles or just her opinion on places, you’ll definitely enjoy her account. Her blog is also really funny so you can hit that up too. Beware though, wanderlust will strongly occur.

@Caitlinmoran – because DUH. I love Caitlin. I love her books. I love her articles. I love her humour. She was born to be funny on the Internet and one day I want to meet and hug her. Immense woman crush.

@lilypebbles – I feel like I can’t make decisions about beauty and make up without consulting with Lily’s blog now, which surprises me because I’ve never been gig on beauty blogs. I also prefer her to a lot of other beauty bloggers because she just seems so nice and completely normal, like you could meet her a bus stop and have a chat about chips and moisturiser.

@hannahfgale – if you’re into blogs, then you’re most likely into Hannah. She’s one of my best friends and we met at uni by making up a song about a library. Yep. Beauty, cats, life in general and the lols associated with trying to get a mid-20s life together. Oh and a lot of emoji chat.

@getinthesea – Er, soz but not soz. This is hilarious and I love it. I recently introduced my office to it and when I left last week they had me a get in the sea mug made. Now that’s love. I just spent a few minutes scrolling through this and ended up cough-laughing. It’s weird and it’s rude but I don’t care.

If you fancy following me I’m @laurenrellis so that should complete your day. Let’s all go procrastinate on Twitter together shall we?

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