Do you have the UK’s messiest bedroom? DO YOU? 

I think having a tidy bedroom has been a battle I’ve fought my entire my life. I remember days spent tidying up the room I shared with my sister under my mum’s supervision and getting so stressed out about where to put various Barbies and craft boxes and where the lid to Pay Day was. Oh the 90s ❤

Anyway, it’s now 2015 and not much has changed, apart from now I’m tidying up life admin and work clothes instead of Malibu Barbie and Sylvanian families. I have a massive bedroom, so it really shouldn’t be a problem, yet it still so often ends up looking like a post-apocalyptic accident. I do have to share it with my boyfriend so it’s not all my fault I guess, and we DO try. Life just happens. I can’t be the only person with ‘the chair’ in their bedroom: a place to dump discarded clothes, random things, odd socks and belts and which is absolutely never used for sitting. Life happens. Mess happens.

I do bloody hate having a messy bedroom though. It makes me feel stressed and annoyed when I want to be calm and relaxed, and now I’m at the grand old age of 25, I’ve realised the answer is storage. I love storage. That’s the lamest thing I’ve ever said but it’s true. Sometimes I search just ‘storage ideas’ on Pinterest because my life really is that hip and happening. The party never ends. Ahem.

I’ve come to the realisation that you can’t have a bedroom that looks like a Showroom. It’s just not possible. So now my room is full of storage, large and small. I’ve used the thrifty brilliance of Gumtree to get some drawers and shelves and other bits of furniture in my room. I also regularly buy trinkets and vintage tins on eBay because it’s possible I need to get some new hobbies.

I don’t think I have the messiest bedroom in the world, although there have been days I’ve woken up after chaotic nights out or long, stressful work weeks and wondered HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?!? If you have or know of someone who has a bedroom that literally can take more, then Time4Sleep want you. They’re giving away a storage bed worth up to £500 and all you have to do is send a photo. You can even do it on Twitter using the #messybedroom hashtag. The extended comp has 8 days left, more details are here.*

Happy tidying. (Not really. It’s Sunday afternoon. I’m going to have a nap.)

2 thoughts on “Do you have the UK’s messiest bedroom? DO YOU? 

  1. Yeah, I think this is me. I have a loft bed with a desk and a bookcase under it, and I still can’t move. Mind you, half my storage space is taken up by other people’s stuff, and the other half is taken up with boxes full of stuff for other rooms of the house I will eventually move into, once my parents get completely fed up with me or I find somewhere I like.


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