What Saturdays are REALLY about 


If you read a lot of blogs or ‘weekend’ interviews with super hot famous people then you’ll probably feel like you need to include more organic juicing, hot yoga and meditation to your Saturday routine. The glossy online world and instagram society would have us believe that girls spend their weekends pampering, eating and drinking plant based meals, soul cleansing, burning calories by hanging upside down while practicing Buddhism and being sprayed with aloe Vera and other such ludicrous activities. Erm, soz, but…no? Saturday’s are first and foremost, for a lot of working people but not all of course, a day off. Followed by another day off. Hallelujah to that. 

Saturday in my house is all about not setting alarms, sleeping off the Friday night post-work wine binge, blowing money on unnecessary things, laying about, eating yummy food and asking each other if anyone fancies their 24th coffee of the day. Oh and plenty of laying, to prepare for Saturday night activities of either going out again or being a total slob and watching mass Netflix. I bloody love weekends. 

I’m definitely not one for wasting days and I tend to get stuff done at the weekend, as my boyfriend will tell you through a grimace. But I’m also a firm believer that Saturday is a day for the good things in life and the easy things in life. 

Things I really do on Saturday: 

1) lay in bed naked in the mornings, scrolling through social media and whatsapping, wondering if I should get up and go to the gym. Sometimes going to the gym, sometimes going and getting the waffle maker out. (I tend to get dressed for these bits)

2) Going directly to H&M, buying expensive smoothie/coffee and getting annoyed by all people and wishing they would all get in the sea. 

3) How many more days can I not shave my legs for?

4) Looking through the alcohol cupboard to see if there’s a good combo of cocktail ingredients that won’t taste like sugary poison. If it’s not a drinking weekend then looking through food cupboards for things that are precisely sugary poison. 

5) Potentially laying in bed with cystitis wondering what I did in another life to deserve this. 

6) Heavily debating acceptable films to watch with my boyfriend. This Saturday: Hercules.

7) Googling cheap flights. 

8) Doing about 40000 loads of washing then crying inside about putting it all away because how can any chore be this lame?

I mean, let’s be honest, Saturday should be spent however you like, but you don’t need to mimic Gwyneth Paltrow and be all about kale and karma before 9am. 

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