Outfit alert: favourite charity shop buy 


I’ve been frequenting charity shops for the last couple of years. I live next door to one in Fulham, which is how my obsession began and I’ve never looked back. I still love high street shopping but I do a lot less of it now I’ve gotten used to nabbing bargains. Up until my life in Fulham I used to think people who banged about vintage and second hand and true originals were, well, nobs quite frankly. 

Turns out it was me missing a trick though. Some of my favourite current clothes are from second hand and charity shops and I love nothing more than spending a lazy Saturday afternoon rummaging through racks and picking up weird and wonderful items. The dress that inspired this post was purchased from Shelter, one of my favourite charity shops. I took it home for a cool £1.50 and since it was way too long for my liking when I got it, it hung up in my bedroom just looking pretty for quite a while. I’m guessing Shelter had trouble selling it as it was shoved away at the back of the shop and the label was pretty dusty. I suspect that was to do with the odd, ankle length vibes it was giving off to possible new owners. Luckily a pal of mine took a sewing machine to the hem and I’ve nipped the sleeves in, so it’s now a flirty, floral midi dress, which is pretty much my favourite kind of clothing. 

From the label I think this beauty was first made in the late 70s, and has probably led quite an interesting life. Im not sure what it got up to before but it’s joined me on a night out at the London Blitz Party in Shoreditch and now on a city break in Denmark and Sweden.


Despite not having a size in the label, as I suspect it was made to someone’s measurements, the waist fits perfectly and it’s definitely my favourite summer dress right now. Not bad for £1.50, am I right? 

All hail the humble charity shop. (And ASOS for the mega cute bird shoulder bag) 



2 thoughts on “Outfit alert: favourite charity shop buy 

  1. This dress is so so pretty! I can’t believe that it only cost you £1.50, what a total bargain! I adore charity shopping but sometimes months can pass where you don’t find anything, but then a little gem like this dress pops up and it’s just totally worth the wait! 🙂 You look so lovely in it too!
    Nicole xox
    Life in Ginger


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