shall we stop fighting change?


I’m writing this blog post on a plane. What I would rather be doing is napping but I can’t because I’m wired on Haribo and lattes. 

I started this the other day on my lunch break at work but since it’s been my last week in my job I got distracted by hangovers and hugging people and arranging several trips to several pubs.  It started to read about knowing it’s time for a change but because I was so distracted I seemed to go off on a tangent and typed some crap about tiredness. I deleted it, you’ll be happy to know. 

I thinks there’s few things in life that we can be sure about, but knowing when it’s time to make a change is one of them. It’s kind of like a really strong gut feeling and when you know, you just know. Humans have a habit of dragging out things that don’t make them happy and we punish ourselves by not following the feeling for change. We’re idiots really, but never mind. Since humans invented Tangfastic fizzy cherries and Netflix I’ll forgive us as a race.

I’ve never been one for worrying too much about change. I know it’s got to happen for lives to progress and I’m all about progression. Lately though, in a time in my life where a lot is changing, I’ve had a weird longing to cling to things. Things that aren’t necessary or needed and that are probably left placed firmly in the past. Feelings mostly. 

Allowing change to happen without fighting it has led to some of the best bits of my life so far. I think if we all fought a little less and went with it we could benefit. Change is scary but new things are exciting and without them we would never grow to be better people. The world definitely could use a lot of better people. Who knows. I’m mostly just tired and this is rambling. Happy Wednesday x

2 thoughts on “shall we stop fighting change?

  1. I’m the world’s worst for not liking change, but sometimes you have no choice and you have to make it work.

    And sometimes that can be a blessing in disguise.

    I got made redundant earlier this year, just this week I blogged about settling into a new job.


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