Face wash for problematic skin- No 7 foaming cleanser

 This is basically a continuation of my quest to find products that don’t offend sensitive, spot-prone skin. My skin is essentially a nightmare because it hates most things. I’m pretty sure even looking at a packet of face wipes gives me massive zits. I left my trusty La Roche Posay at a friends by accident and in the week I went without I have been began growing a second head on my chin. NOT IDEAL MATE.

I went to Boots during the London Tube Strike last week as a half-way home treat and they had sold out of La Roche and they don’t stock Elemis which is my other skin true love. I ended up opting for No 7 Beautiful skin Foaming Cleanser as I have used their moisturiser before and always got on with it. I was also at this point delirious from staring at shades of yellow and bright green nail varnish.

This stuff is really, very nice. It’s not given me any sort of breakout, it hasn’t dried out my forehead, which is usually what happens when I try something new, and I can use it twice a day. If you have spot-prone, oily skin then I highly recommend this, because not only is gentle and good at keeping slippery, gross, skin at bay, it’s a bloody good price at £9.50.

I’ve been using two pumps worth at a time because one didn’t seem to cover my skin enough, and although it comes out as a foam it’s actually very light and doesn’t amount to that much when you start to rub it in. I also find it helps to not have soaking wet hands. I give this a definite 9/10 though and for fellow troubled skin ladies, I say you should give it a try next time you want a change.

One thought on “Face wash for problematic skin- No 7 foaming cleanser

  1. I’ll have to give this a go! The nivea foaming cleanser broke me out really badly, and I don’t usually react to Nivea at all. Will put this on my ‘to try’ list 🙂 Thanks!


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