4 favourite things from the last week


Unicorn scrapbook | Humanist celebrations | Maybelline nails | Outdoor summer wedding

Today all I’ve done is go for brunch and wonder around a book shop. Tired is an understatement. It’s been an immensely busy week and I wanted to post something this weekend but have been struggling to put any kind of ideas together in my head. I was flicking through my camera roll this morning deleting some hazy, wine fuelled photography from this weekend and realised what a lovely week it’s actually been.

It was the last full week for me in my current job and it’s been a bit emotional as I am in love with my colleagues and want to cling on to them and take them all with me. We spent Friday night drinking and playing with a glow in the dark penis and listening to 80s music, so that was delightful.

I wandered into Paperchase this weekend and saw the above unicorn photo album and just thought, bloody hell, how ideal is this? I haven’t purchased it yet but I have a feeling it won’t be long. One thing I did purchase was that amazing sunshine yellow nail varnish from Maybelline. I’m going to just use it all summer and offend everyone with how bright my fingertips are. I love it. and it doesn’t chip. Like seriously, this is some strong paint.

The flowers and rose buds are decorations from the most gorgeous, hippy, quaint outdoor humanist wedding celebration I went to on Saturday. I’ve never been to a humanist wedding before, but I am 100% having one if I ever take the plunge into matrimony. it’s essentially a ceremony made up of meaningful things to the couple getting hitched, and features no religious element. It took place in a garden in Dalston and was full of gorgeous flowers, white ribbons, gin and prosecco stations and topped off with an outdoor pizza oven. Basically the wedding dream and Pinterest explosion. The balloons were also from the wedding and feature because I just love balloons. So yeah.


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