Why I’m sick of the phrase ‘beach body ready’


My boyfriend took the above photo on a District Line tube and it basically perfectly sums up something that’s been niggling me into a state of anger and frustration for quite a while. I live in constant limbo with my body. I try so hard to be relaxed and happy and healthy and to strictly not ‘be on a diet’ to try and lose weight. It’s hard though. It’s really hard. How do you just let it be and get on with life when the world is obsessed with telling you that you need to start sorting out your beach body. Why can’t we sort out our general health? Why is everything aimed at making us feel like it’s all about wearing a bikini, because shock horror, when you wear a bikini people will look at you, but surely that doesn’t define us? But they won’t just look at you they’ll judge you, so you better get prepping and buy into some kinda plan that’s available to buy. Want to post a nice little snap of yourself on Instagram in a bikini on a beach this summer? Well you better get your beach body ready! Even the bloody tube is asking me if I’m beach body ready. PLEASE BUGGER OFF. The most Instagram beach body action I have is sarcastically using it as a hash tag when posting photos of pancakes and desserts.

As someone who has long struggled to be accepting of my frame and the way I look in general, let alone a bikini, I am so sick of being constantly worried about fat and calories and how many times a week I can drag myself out of bed to go the gym. I wish I could say I do it because I want to be healthier, fitter and stronger, but to be completely honest, I do it to look good. Who are we even kidding when we say we aren’t? It’s fine to want to look good for yourself, but it’s when we do it because we feel like it’s expected that really pisses me off. A lot. I know people would probably look at me and think, well she’s slim, so why’s she complaining? I’m complaining because I now pick apart every bit of my body and constantly ask my boyfriend if he thinks I’ve put on weight, probably much to his despair. I’ve joined the club I so badly don’t want to be part of, and intend on leaving sharpish.

I know there are people out there who are body confident and really accepting of the way they look and I envy them so much. How nice it must be to stand in front of the mirror stark naked when you’re completely alone and not fret about how people might see you. How nice it must be to rock up to a beach or a pool, strip off to your chosen swimwear and not give a shit about what people might be thinking.

I would like a bit more of that. Someone bottle it and sell it to me, because believe me, I’m buying. Imagine the money you would make with a bottled bikini body. ‘Drink me and instantly look and feel incredible.’ IMAGINE. You’d make trillions because there are so many poor people out there coerced into believing they need to achieve something uniform which is in fact unique to every person. How can we do that? Your body is your body. We can’t all look the same so exactly what are we aiming for? To be toned? To be skinny? To fit in a bikini? To have less cellulite? To have no cellulite? All of the above? Someone please just make it stop.

I’ve seen a quote flying around that says: How to get a beach body- 1) Own a body 2) Go to a beach.

Well that just hits the nail on the head. We’ll be beach body ready when our bodies are on the beach, regardless of what they look like. It would be nice if society would try and let us all make peace with that.

3 thoughts on “Why I’m sick of the phrase ‘beach body ready’

  1. Hallelujah lovely lady! The only thing that gives me comfort when I’m feeling like this is that actually, nobody else really cares that much what I look like. Seriously – I never go to bed worrying about whether or not my friend has gained a couple of pounds, so why do we all assume that people will be judging our bodies? It’s such a horrible feling trying to achieve a bit of balance, but life is short, eat the burger!


    • You are so right! We care and no one else does, it’s ridiculous! Massively trying to relax my bad attitude to weight so it’s nice to know there are people out there who can see through the madness too! Xxx


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