Want a girls break this summer? How to do Paris on the cheap

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So I’m mostly writing this because the weather is desperately making me want to go away on a girly break. I’ve been on a few in the last couple of years and we’ve always done it on quite an impressive budget. Paris is known as a romantic getaway but I don’t really go in for all that. Anywhere is good if you go with the right people.

I massively recommend heading to Paris with your gal pals if you want to go somewhere you can keep costs low but still do loads. Flights can be obtained mega cheap from airlines like Easy Jet, that’s a no brainer. You can also get up to 30% off on Eurostar on selected dates across summer, but generally this works out quite pricey, so go by air.

Accommodation wise, if you aren’t fussed about going all out on fanciness and having prosecco delivered to you every morning, I seriously suggest checking out a hostel. Now, hostels are NOT for everyone, but I think you do need to give them the benefit of the doubt before you turn your nose up. You can book private room, private bathrooms and actually, they can work out to be just as good as low budget hotels, because that’s essentially what they are. When I went I stayed in The Regent Montmatre which was amazing value, really fun, and turned out to be an ideal location. Also let’s not forget about the miracle that is Air B&B.


Paris is blessed with a really good and very cheap Metro system, so if you aren’t a fan of walking, you can get to anywhere with an attraction from the hostel (there’s a stop basically right outside) in about ten minutes or so. However, if you’re not scared of using your feet, walk! Pack some comfy shoes, pick up a free map from where you’re staying and start walking. We walked the length and breadth of Paris and we saw so much more for it. We came across a street dedicated to amazing wedding dresses, tiny little hidden bars and cafes (including a MARMITE CAFE!) and gave our thighs and bums a bloody good workout.


Paris is obviously full of amazing places to eat, but to keep things cheap, eat on the go. You can get street food from around the Trocadero and it’s the perfect place to settle down and watch the Eiffel Tower light up and do it’s super cool glittery thing. Walking slightly away from the city centre brings food costs down, and there are tons of cheaper, chic little cafes around the Sacre-Couer. Be careful at night in this area though, it can get a little shady in certain places. Speaking of wandering around, if you fancy a stroll through designer shop heaven and playing at being a millionaire (of course you do) I actually really recommend heading to Avenue Montaigne. Warning though, you will get all of the clothes envy. All of it. Even the window displays are another level, like this one from Chanel:



If you’re under 26, you can get into The Louvre, The Conciergerie and The Saint Chapelle for free all year. There are places like The Musee d’Art Moderne, The Pompidou Centre and The Musee d’Orsav that are free on the first Sunday of each month, so if you’re there then take advantage.


I also massively suggest just buying some bread, cheese and macaroons and sitting around in the sunshine if you get good weather. If you pick a place with a good view you can just lounge and fill your Instagram timeline without really having to move much. Win. Speaking of Instagram, Jardin Du Luxembourg is another good place you can visit for free. Like basically every city, you can get free walking tours,or just hire bikes and cycle round. There really is so much you can do in paris without having to pay out. So er yeah, GO GO.

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