So who the hell am I anyway? Let me fill you in

 I realise I have an about page that says some stuff and features a photo of me silhouetted on a Thai beach, but I realised the other day that I have never really written much about myself. This blog gets more and more visitors every week and I figure maybe some of them might wonder about me. No? Well tough because I am writing this anyway because I am in charge. The beauty of having your own blog.

So obvs my name is Lauren, you might have worked that one out. I’m 25 and I work in communications, specifically social media marketing, with a focus on health and wellbeing. I live in Fulham, London with my boyfriend and a few friends in a big, old house. We have a fairly good time of it here, and we’ve been renting it since 2013. We plan on leaving towards the end of the year though to take a pitstop at my parents while we find somewhere new to live. I have a rare chronic illness called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which basically means my joints are really stretchy, my blood vessels are fragile, I get random pain without any trigger and have bladder and kidney trouble. This illness is how I got into blogging.

A few years back I got so frustrated with the lack of info about a condition that had such an affect on my life that I started blogging about it, and the rest is history. This all went pretty well, and was picked up by relevant charities, I met lots of other sufferers and eventually decided that I loved blogging and wanted to write one that focused on the other bits of my life outside of being ill (though my other blog is still going). SO HIYA! Here we are.

Now I don’t want to get boring, though I feel it’s rapidly going that way, so I’ll keep this brief.

I love peanut butter. I’m allergic to cats and dogs though I have a dog at home. I’m obsessed with blending things. I have a big scar on one foot that sometimes people stare at. Everyday is a bad hair day. I really believe in courgettes. I think a good frying pan is an important life tool. I walk everywhere a hundred miles an hour. I once got led up a mountain by a wild dog when me and my friends had all but given up on our existence having got lost and run out of water. In Sri Lanka. On a boiling day. It was hot. You can see the dog in this photo, I called him Manuel.


I travel a lot. I talk in my sleep a lot, most recently telling my boyfriend I was covered in coffee. I mean, that’s THE dream, not an actual dream. I wish I was covered in coffee.

I mostly blog in the mornings, when I get to work early, and take photos when I get home while there’s still light. It’s sometimes really hard to find time on top of work, and I fear when I start a new job next month it’ll get even harder. I nearly stopped blogging a few weeks ago after securing said new job (social media for Public Health England, since you asked) because I was feeling uninspired and lazy and was obsessed with Parks and Recreation in a big way. A friend told me if my traffic was growing, I should stick it out and see what happens. I also really bloody love my piece of internet, so yeah. It’ll be here a while more.

So that’s me. I’m off to devour some M&Ms before dinner because you only live once.



9 thoughts on “So who the hell am I anyway? Let me fill you in

  1. Lovely to meet you, Lauren. I really enjoyed reading about you and your life. Your way with words is really very engaging – as are your images. I too travel a lot, although I haven’t done much recently but that will be remedied this year when I renew my passport…. itchy feet!

    Keep writing… keep shooting… remain the sparkling soul that you are! x

    Much love


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