If I could live one summer over again…

I’m writing this staring at a distinctly grey sky. I also feel cold, which is nice considering it’s June 23rd. Who needs sunshine eh? I saw a post similar to this a few weeks ago and it got me all nostalgic and what not and I suggest if you need a blog post idea, do this. It gave me an excuse to pore over old photos and get all smiley and happy and so on. I’ve been blessed with lots of pretty good summers over the last few years, and picking my favourite is hard, but it has to go to the summer of 2010. Five whole years ago. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? WHERE IS MY LIFE GOING? HELP.

So let’s set the scene. I’ve just turned 20, I’m still a student, I’m doing a really cool digital marketing/advertising work placement, I’m going on holiday to Cyprus and I have a ticket to Bestival. Pretty good summer line up. I also met my future boyfriend on this work placement, thought I didn’t know that for a while back then, who is still putting up with me now. Many congratulations to him. I also remember the weather being MUCH nicer than we’ve had in 2015 so far. So yeah.

Still being a student made this year what it was. Remember the glory days of having those long couple of months stretched out in front of you with your main worry being scraping together some pennies from overtime so you can afford to go wild when freshers rolls around? The dream. Anyway, this particular summer, after spending two weeks in Cyprus laying on various beaches, going up mountains and eating everything, I came home and joyfully reunited myself with my uni friends who were back in Kingston, or those who just never left.

We drank in gardens, we drank by the river, we laid around all day reading HP, we walked around town aimlessly (buying nothing because we were broke), we went on impromptu nights out, slept in until lunchtime, drove around in my half-broken KA, never spent any time thinking about essays or anything remotely grown up or scary and wore sunglasses to Oceana on a Monday night. I remember having endless sessions of sitting on floors painting nails various shades of coral and bright blue and playing a LOT of Cranium, the best game ever in case you were wondering (made better by hilarious friends).I think we also chucked in a day out at Thorpe Park at some point, maybe at the very start of summer, because obviously.

I think this was my favourite summer mostly because of how care-free I was, partly because it involved lots of doing my favourite things and a lot to do with having found the best friendship group I had ever had. I remember one friend rolling into a garden drinking session when we were all notoriously poor and announcing a holiday to Morocco, because why the F not? Life.

I also got to finish this summer doing one of my favourite activities with my best ginger pal: attending Bestival, where we made some friends for life, drank jelly shots while dancing to Chic and did midnight Tai Chi in a field. It might not have been the richest, busiest, most inspirational time, but it was flipping amazing regardless. I’m not saying life with no responsibilities is better than life now, because I love how good I have got it currently, I’m just saying, freedom and friends and the summer of 2010 was bloody fun. 2010 2010a 2010b 2010d

6 thoughts on “If I could live one summer over again…

  1. Oh, I am so nostalgic right now! Student life, summer student life especially is such a magical time and everyone always told me to appreciate it and I think I did… I have been working properly, through summers for 5 years now and I still miss summer breaks – it just feels wrong to be working in summer time!


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