Realising as you grow up that there’s a good reason ‘beautiful’ means something different to everyone


I found the card in the picture above on the floor in a Subway when I was steaming drunk after my sister’s 21st boat party. I carried it home laughing like a maniac while eating three different kinds of cookie (dessert obvs). That is completely unrelated to what will follow, I just quite like the idea of it and I would 100% have bought it if I saw it in a shop.


The other day on the tube, where I can so often be found, I was listening to these school girls talk about who was the most fancied girl in their year. I felt like grabbing them and being like, ‘babes, seriously, don’t worry about this, because it will ALL change.’ When I think back to what I aspired to when I was 15 I get a horrible image of over-straightened hair, bright orange bronzer and far too tight clothes. I remember being envious of girls who everyone looked up to for being the prettiest and the most popular. In actual fact, it was more of who wore the most makeup and who played up the most in class for some laughs. As ridiculous as it seems now, back then it was serious, and it made a lot of people feel like shit. I definitely wasn’t one of those girls.

As soon as I left sixth form, and got started meeting new people at uni and got a whole new circle of close friends, I started to realise how different everyone sees beauty. I don’t know if it’s because I’m from a small town, or just because the majority of people conform at school, but I found it so amazing. I would look at people when I was 18 and think they looked stupid because they were different. This sounds horrendous as well, but I would never have looked at anyone who wasn’t a size 10 and though they looked good. As soon as I got exposed to a new world full of totally different people from different places, everything changed. I started seeing beautiful as being different and having enough confidence to leave the house without caring what anyone might think. I also began to look at people who were clearly very happy with who they were as beautiful regardless of their size or what their face looked like.

I am so, SO glad that there are millions of people who like different things and see beauty completely differently to others, it makes the world a much more interesting place. It’s also quite comforting to think you can be whoever you want and somewhere, someone in the world thinks your beautiful. I don’t believe there are that many people out there who don’t want to be considered beautiful at least sometimes. It makes you feel good when someone pays you attention and while I’m a lot less bothered about what people think when they cast their eyes on me now, it’s still nice to have someone find you attractive or pay you a compliment. It just is. I mean, not so much weird strangers on the tube who are close enough to lick you, but you get my point.

Beautiful nowadays revolves a lot around how many filters you can apply to it, how inhumanly smooth you can make skin look and how much you can alter yourself to look like what you think people want. Pretty depressing, no? Women aren’t going to stop wearing makeup, botox clinics aren’t going to be out of work and Instagram aint going nowhere, and that’s fine, just as long we don’t forget that these aren’t real interpretations of life. There isn’t one type of beautiful for everyone to aspire to, and thanks to that we live in a world where everyone can be beautiful. Hold tight young girls who feel constantly ugly because you don’t look like the plastics (Mean Girls references are still relevant right?!) because there will come a time when you look back and realise you were perfectly fine as you were.

7 thoughts on “Realising as you grow up that there’s a good reason ‘beautiful’ means something different to everyone

  1. You know what is truly beautiful? Your attitude in this post. Reading this made me realise that outliving the teenage need to conform is something that I have (thankfully) left behind and this post has really made me smile on this Friday morning 🙂


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