Blogging: Why you should do it and keeping it up


A lot of people who read blogs like mine are bloggers themselves, so a lot of eyes that cast over this will already know all of this. I’m still going to carry on though because I just had two satsumas and the sugar hit is motivating me.

Blogging has been on my radar since about 2009, when I was told at uni how important it was going to be in the coming years and that we needed to start one as part of a project. I made one that talked about sport (lol) and it was fine, it got very limited hit but pleased my uni tutor, and I promptly abandoned it when the module ended.

In more recent times, I started a blog about a chronic and rare health condition I have. I used this to reach out to charities and fellow sufferers and it started accumulating a following and being used on rare disease and health feeds and websites. By starting this blog and getting the hits up from social media and working with small charities, I spring-boarded from one job to another, moving into health marketing and social media monitoring. Blogging is such a good addition to your CV. If you do your research and do it well, it shows initiative, shows off your digital skills and can boost your knowledge and following on social media. Throw around some blog stats in job interviews and people will take note of what YOU’VE done off your OWN back. Big. Fat. Tick.

As I work in the health sector and solely blogged about it, I started to feel like my CV might be one sided, and since I am a graduate of journalism and love writing but had worked my way into marketing, I decided to start this blog. HIYA!

I basically knew nothing about actual lifestyle blogging, apart from that my good friend Hannah Gale, who if you read blogs you will most definitely know of, had made a whole career out of it, so I had some instant inspiration to get going. Hannah’s blog led me to read others, and I eventually got really into it. I don’t read that many now days (I don’t really have the time) but there are three or four that I religiously check in with.

This blog doesn’t have a gigantic following, and there are some days when my views limp slowly to around 450 at the most (a big up on the 60 or so I got when I started), but I have learnt so much from it so far. It’s taught me about content, self-marketing, image editing, the importance of domains, URLs, links, coding- the list is massive. It’s also allowed me to write about stuff I really like and care about and connect with people who feel the same. I ENJOY writing it, and it’s again a great addition to the CV.

In my last job interview a panel member told me they had read my blog, and they were impressed with the content and the scheduling and I ended up telling them how to do certain things on WordPress, which took the interview in a really positive direction. If you want to work in communications, marketing, social media, journalism or ANY digital job, get your blog on.

If you blog for fun and work full time it’s hard to keep up. I work Monday-Friday in my job and have a big charity project on the go so it’s increasingly hard to fit things in. I start  work at 8:30 and get home usually around 5:30 (apart from the District Line ruins my life for fun). I write blogs on my lunch break, or when I get home if I can find the energy. I usually have things up four times a week but as this is currently a hobby and I’m not in the market for extra stress, I don’t stick to that all the time. I want to maintain momentum and try and get around 3000 hits a day which I have done in the past, but life gets in the way sometimes. Life and sleep. Life, sleep and boxsets. Oh and Nandos. You know how it is.

It isn’t easy to maintain something like a blog when you’re a busy bee, but it does pay off. If you blog but you’ve hit a wall or you want to blog but haven’t started yet, get list writing, get photo taking and get going! It’s a hobby that can take you places, so it’s worth a good go IMO.

6 thoughts on “Blogging: Why you should do it and keeping it up

  1. Loved this Lauren, there are so many days when I wonder why I’m even bothering because my traffic is STILL crap, then I remember that my blog got me my last two jobs and I do it because I actually really love it. It’s great that these skills can be applied in a digital marketing career – I only wanted a place to complain!


  2. Love this, I also believe at a recent interview it was the mention of my blog that helped me secure the job – even though this was only a part-time job in a clothes store! The fact that I had blogged about their items before really helped – I think blogging can literally help anyone no matter what career they’re going into (some more than others though of course!)


  3. Lol that you think 450 views is bad 🙂 I still get happy when I get 1 or 2 likes.. I’m just starting up and it’s definitely something I enjoy doing (or else I wouldn’t bother) so it’s nice to know it could potentially also be a useful CV booster!


    • It definitely is good for your CV! I think 450 consistently is my peak. When I started out I was getting 10 views a day sometimes! You’ll start getting more the more you get into it 🙂 good luck! X


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