12 things travel teaches you


1) You can survive with a lot less than you think. You do NOT need your hair straighteners in a jungle. Trees and various wild animals do not care about your hair.

2) You’re probably a lot more adaptable than you think. You can adapt to new people and new culture and eat your dinner from a tiny stand in the street and it’s FINE.

3) All those times you couldn’t be bothered at the gym and sloped off the treadmill after 10 minutes exhausted left you thinking you were lazy and that was that….until you completed a six hour sun-rise trek up a mountain and hacked through a lot of nature and probably swallowed some ants or something. You’re actually basically an Olympian. Who knew?

4) Shoes are actually not all that. Flip flops and bare feet are basically the dream.

5) You can sleep anywhere. You really can.

6) Turns out, you are just as much a person without mascara and penciled eyebrows on as you are with them. Result.

7) Comfort isn’t everything.

8) There is always room for new friends and you can find them basically anywhere in the world. You might have thought you had all the friends you needed, but you were probably very wrong.

9) You CAN rely on yourself and you can do a good job at pulling stuff off when you need to.

10) You absolutely can face fears you’ve had your entire life and come out the other side singing. Or if you’re not singing, you’re probably screaming, but at least you did it. YAY.

11) The best version of you might well be the sweaty, tired, sand-covered care free person you never would have known about if you didn’t book a flight.

12) Holidays are not all about hotels and cocktails and doing something different makes a holiday an experience. It’s always good to top up your list of ‘experiences’ to bore your friends with from time to time. We all do it. It’s fine.

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