Here’s What a £10 charity shop haul can look like 

so there are evidently a lot of reasons to shop in charity shops. It’s a way of buying clothes and supporting a good cause at the same time. It’s a way of getting clothes much cheaper than high street prices. It’s a way of supporting a charity close to your heart. The list goes on. When I first started this blog I was rambling on a lot about charity shops, because where I live in Fulham I am a stones throw from lots. I live directly next door to one and I am probably their most regular customer. Charity shops had never been on my radar before but I got heavily involved. My wardrobe drawers literally broke. So yeah, it got a bit much. My boyfriend got a bit scared. I had to cut down on buying floral shirts from the 60s, but lately I’ve got back in the game.

I think more people should take up charity shop spending. You can get some seriously impressive bargains, as I proved again today in the British Heart Foundation shop on my road. 

This is what a £10 charity shop haul can look like if you do it right: 

1) Vero Moda white top £4

 2) Vintage oversized green jumper £1.50 

3) Urban Outfitters silk cullotes £1.50 

4) Mink Pink denim leopard shorts £3 



Three usually expensive labels and a seriously cool old man jumper that I will wear to death in the winter for only £10. If you have a few hours spare on a Saturday and don’t mind riffling through racks of weird and wonderful clothes and bags, get yourself into some charity shops. It’s a seriously cost-effective way of boosting your wardrobe without breaking the bank and you feel quite good about it after. Win win situation. 

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