Procrastinators be procrastinating

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Procrastination is life. Well for some people anyway. I can definitely stick my hand up and say I put all manner of shit off until I suddenly HAVE TO DO IT. Like, hold me at gunpoint and I’ll probably ask you if you fancy going for a nandos first. So basically a massive note to self and everyone else out to stop putting these things off:

1) Checking your boobs.

2) Going to the dentist.

3) Asking for a job review.

4) Calling a certain someone.

5) Visiting a grandparent.

6) Eating something green.

7) Actually having an early night.

8) Applying for your dream job when it pops up online. JUST DO IT.

9) Offering to do the tea round at work.

10) Opening a savings account.

11) Thinking about a pension. I know.

12) Cancelling the gym membership you never use but shell out for every month.

13) Taking a day off to do absolutely nothing.

14) Getting your eyebrows done. (actual real note to self)

15) Clean that draw in the washing machine where you put washing powder.

16) Buying new pillows.


One thought on “Procrastinators be procrastinating

  1. Urgh – number 15. Do I really have to do that? And the pension one – I am pretty sure some one else should be doing both of those things for me…..
    Laura x


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