My name is Lauren and I’m a phone addict. 

So I spend a lot of time staring at my phone. A LOT of time. I stare at it when I walk places, when I’m on transport, when I’m at my desk, when I’m in bed, while I eat, I think I might even look at it in my sleep. I mean I can’t be sure of that last one but nothing would surprise me at this point. I am addicted to my phone. People who aren’t addicted to their phones might consider it weird, over the top or just plain infuriating because they don’t understand how deeply involved you are with your handset. People who are addicted to their phones (I know I am most definitely not alone) will know it’s not our fault.

Phones do everything. They keep you connected, keep you up to date, keep your schedule, show you where you’re going, act as a camera and a memory stick and you can even talk to them, which is kinda creepy, but there we go. You can also work off of your phone, which for someone like me (I work in social media) just becomes the norm. Your phone is a piece of equipment.

Companies have made phones that are insanely intelligent and can do crazy things that are almost scary, and consumers have jumped in fully. We have gone for it. We love it. We want more. We want faster. We want better cameras and more memories and if someone could make a phone that can cook and do washing that would be excellent.

If you are a massive phone addict you probably know it. You check it periodically, have it in your hand when you’re walking anywhere, know where it is at all times, scroll and refresh the same apps over and over (I’m looking at you Instagram and Twitter) despite nothing new happening. You also get disappointed when you are in a phone-free situation (the cinema and such) and come out with no notifications or messages because nothing has happened in that time, believe it or not. Oh and you ALWAYS carry your charger.

Imagine your phone being dead for hours with no chance of a charge. The agony. Ugh.

We live in the kind of age where we can get what we want, when we want and as much as we want. I certainly have far too much ‘iPhone’ going on in my life, as well other things.

Things I am currently ‘addicted to’:


– Spinach


-Barry M Rocketstar nail varnish


The above list is ridiculous.It makes me feel stupid and a bit like I need to look into new hobbies to fill my time and get a grip.

I want to cleanse myself from being glued to my phone. I want to spend less time looking at a screen. A moth flew at my face the other night because It was dark and my phone was illuminating my face like the moon. It was terrifying. Enough is enough. I recently read Yes Please, by Amy Poehler (hilarious comedian) and she wrote about how she worries phones are trying to kill us. Well, if they are, I’m done for and that needs to change.

I am going to spend a month being on my phone less. I’m going to stop looking at it while eating, stop looking at it when I’m with people and leave it in my bag at work unless I need it. I also will try not to take it into toilets with me which I sometimes do and then realise and then hate myself. Yep.

It’s sad to say but it’s going to be immensely hard. I’ll report back.

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