5 things to go buy right now 


I have been buying things. These are nice things you should buy too. Some are edible, you’re welcome. 

1) this £6.99 layered necklace from H&M that I’m currently wearing in bed and accidentally wore to the gym this morning.   

2) Pizza Express have new eats- The Pollo Verdure salad. I would normally feel like a total loser choosing salad over pizza and I’ve never done it before, but this is divine. I had it on Saturday mostly because I had just exercised. It’s chicken and vegetables in a honey sauce with balsamic and rocket salad. DELICIOUS. 


3) Newlook bralets. Wireless, lacy and so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it. I would post a photo of me wearing it but I know where the line is and I shall not cross it. They also do it in ‘I feel like I’m a model’ red if you’re that way inclined. 


4) So you can’t get these readymade (I don’t think) but cheese grilled crumpets. YEP. This morning pre-cinema my friends and I ate crumpets with blue cheese and spicy cheddar grilled on them topped with marmite. Mouth dreams came true. So go buy crumpets and cheese. I DARE YOU. 


5) Espresso Smirnoff vodka. My interest in espresso-based alcohol has peaked massively thanks to the bliss that is the espresso martini. This stuff is GOOD. Like a sort of shot of starbucks mixed with a moment of “GAH” that accompanies all shots. It’s nice. It also feels REALLY adult and I don’t know why, as I’m not found frequenting bars drinking VKs anymore. But there we go. 


YAY weekend, happy roast food babies everyone. 

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