10 types of friend that every girl needs in their life

1) The levelheaded, ultra-mature, straight talking adult. Good to have around in a crisis, good to WhatsApp when you need to be told the truth and perfect for keeping your feet on the ground. You need someone who will tell you straight that your ex is an absolute rat and you should absolutely put their face on a dartboard and then immediately fully delete them from your life.

2) The straight up animal. For the fun times, the early morning blurry times and the times you just want to forget who you are and what you stand for in the name of a good time.

3) The holiday addict (me). One minute you’re tagging them in a photo comment of an amazing picture of Santorini on Instagram, the next minute you’re boarding a plane, mildly drunk at 10am. Also good for bikini borrowing and denim shorts loans.

4) The funny one. Just because life without lols is not a life worth living, and if you can’t bring them on yourself, you need someone in your life that can. Also a good friend to introduce to new people, because who doesn’t love laughing?

5) The ‘£45 for one pair of knickers is COMPLETELY fine’ friend. For shopping, for ASOS screen grabs, for Vicoria’s Secret binges and for that week before you go away and need to just pop to Primark everyday after work.

6) The high rolling career person. Job advice, inspiration, making you want to do better and good for buying a round when everyone else is completely skint and just really needs a gin. And a hug.

7) The tech friend. SO NECESSARY. I can’t even explain the importance of having someone who knows why the screen of death has appeared and what to do with it.

8) The hair and make up guru. What eyeliner shall I buy? How did you do that to your hair? What eyebrow kit do you use? Can you wax all of my body hair off? Do you wanna come round and make me look as good as you so I can impress people I don’t really like? ETC ETC.

9) The ‘shall we have a night in and order curry’ mate. It’s all fun and games until you have luggage rather than bags under your eyes and you might vom if you so much as hear the word wine. It’s imperitive to have someone to bed-share and lounge with while sleeping through films you’ve been 5446 times and waking up with pizza on your chest.

10) The all-rounder. The really impressive person you can turn to in any situation because they just have their shit together and can be the person you need them to be. They probably clean their makeup brushes weekly and have a hangover game like no one else. You wish you were them. Frequently.

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