28 things that 25 years on earth as a girl have taught me

1) Women have been working hard for a long time to get us to where we are, so we owe them a good go at life.

2) Heels are not actually worth the pain (sorry 18 year old feet)

3) Girls have the pain threshold of a mythical warrior of steel.

4) Working with period pains is nothing short of heroic sometimes and it’s perfectly okay to reward yourself for doing so.

5) On a similar note…chocolate and PMS are in it together, so embrace it and indulge.

6) Box hair dye will not always go to plan.

7) It’s fine to wear make up everyday and enjoy pink sparkly things and to be known as ‘girly’ and no one should be allowed to say otherwise.

8) Trying to hold back crying isn’t worth it because crying can be good for you and also you don’t want tears to sit in your eyes and flood them with mascara.Then you’ll be upset AND blind. Not ideal.

9) Real friends empower you as you get older.

10) Tea is a universal healer for men and women everywhere.

11) People who claim bikini waxing doesn’t hurt are liars.

12) You can absolutely have a career and have multiple babies and be bloody good at both. There are plenty of women (and men for that matter) flying the flag and showing you it’s possible.

13) McDonald’s just is the answer sometimes and when it calls, you should probably answer.

14) Airbrushing is a great evil and needs to be explained to the young. THIS ISN’T REAL KIDS. No one’s face is that smooth.

15) Everyone is a bitch about something, men included.

16) It is TOTALLY okay to drink pints.

17) Not shaving your legs for the whole of winter is a widely practiced move.

18) You don’t have to try and act more manly to be in a position of power.

19) Breast checking isn’t an option, it’s an absolute must.

20) Being horrible about other women won’t make you feel better or stronger, it’ll just mean you end up surrounded by other horrible people.

21) Nail varnish should not be eaten. Ever.

22) Turns out men like receiving flowers too. True story.

23) The weight room at the gym is not off limits, it’s actually where the real toning happens, so head on in.

24) Read books written by successful, funny, powerful women and you’ll likely find a bit of yourself in there somewhere.

25) Eat carbs. They are fuel, not foe.

26) You absolutely do not have to be ‘wife material’ by the time you’re like, 23. Just no.

27) ‘Bikini body’ is a term for unrealistic goals and stress. At the end of the day, if you wanna wear one, you’ll wear one, if not, there are other options.

28) The Spice Girls weren’t wrong about girl power.

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