Because Thai food is important- How to make a delicious green curry


Thai food is like, the boss of all food. I never thought anything could overtake my strong feelings of true love towards Indian, but then I went to Thailand and everything changed. I’ve wanted to learn how to make a good Thai curry ever since I got back and this is the tastiest, easiest, healthiest way to do it. It also impresses people when you can whip up something using all manner of torn up leaves, lemongrass sticks and other exotic things like coconut milk. SO cultured.

You need:

Lemongrass (1 stalk is enough)

Kaffir lime leaves (these are pricey so you can just use lime zest, it works really well)

A handful of corriander

3 chicken breasts chopped up small


Green beans


Any other veg you fancy, GO WILD

Thai Green curry paste

Coconut milk 400ml

Lime juice (1 lime should do fine)

Jasmine Rice


This is basically so easy once you do it once you never need to follow a recipe again.

Essentially just cook the chicken for a couple of minutes in a dash of oil, then add two big dollops of the curry paste (Wholefoods do delicious Thai pastes for about £2) and the lemongrass stalk. Bash the top of the stalk so the flavour comes up and then chuck it in whole. You also need to rip the lime leaves into pieces (I use about 5) and throw these in. Mix these together on a high heat for about a minute, then pour in the coconut milk. Add the veg and let the concoction simmer for around 25 minutes. It should become slightly thicker, but not much. Just before the 25 minutes is up, squeeze in the lime juice and chuck the coriander in.

Thai should always be served with Jasmine rice. For the stickyness. And just because that’s what they do in Thailand and who are we to argue?


Oh and shall we just admire Thailand for a second? That blue t-shirty spec in the sea is my boyfriend.


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