Respect yourself. You deserve it. 


I’m currently laying in bed, at 5:30pm on a Sunday, having only moved today to put on washing and buy food. It’s been good. Like really, very good. However this sort of behaviour usually fogs up my brain with guilt and I get grumpy because I’ve wasted a day and not achieved anything. Well not today. In fact not anymore, because I deserve this day of being a total sloth, wearing pants that are far too big to ever be sexy, a grey Minnie Mouse top and a greasy ponytail. I’m looking fly, to say the least. 

The reason I won’t beat myself up over it, is because over the last couple of weeks I have realised something about respecting your own life. I have a lot of respect for a lot of people. Friends, family members, my boyfriend, famous people, politicians, athletes, authors. The list is endless. I never really think about respect for me though. Bit crap of me really. I’m fairly great, soz, but I am. It’s so awkward to write that down or think it about yourself and why is that? Because we don’t think about ourselves enough. Not in the big picture anyway. We think about appearance and being tired and our general needs. But there’s so much more to think. Me. Moi. Number one. We achieve as much as the next person in our own way, in different ways, in small ways and big ways. We feel proud of ourselves yeah, of course we do, but over the last couple of weeks, trekking, resting, laying, travelling and thinking, I’ve realised I owe myself some respect. 

I think we all owe ourselves a bit. Ive just had some big life news, finished a big project, achieved some big things at work over the last few years, saved money, travelled, fought and continue to fight a chronic illness, battled with my family against bad times, held down a relationship for four years. GO ME. BLOODY HELL, YOU GO GIRL. *All of the sassy celebratory emojis* 

We HAVE to do more than feel proud sometimes. We have to feel really bloody respectful towards ourselves. Otherwise the amazing things we do go forgotten and let’s face it, we need them close in our minds sometimes. We need them to boost us, to perk us up, spur us on, to remind us of that time we wanted something and we went out and GOT IT. 

It might take a long time to be able to do it, but do give it a go. It feels really nice. R E S P E C T. (Find out what it means to me etc) 

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