18 Instant mood lifters


1) Pizza Express email you to let you know there’s 25% off. Perfect, because all you really want in life is a pizza and their divine salad dressing.

2) Going past really pretty scenery as the sun is going down and a good song like Craig David- Fill me in (yep) comes on your ipod.

3) Being able to fill the chip in your nail varnish without it looking all gloopy and layered.

4) Getting to the till and something scanning waaaaay cheaper than the label says. Resounding HOORAY.

5) Making your squash perfect, like actually the best squash ever. Bonus points if it’s Ribena.

6) Someone holding a door for you. That does not happen enough anymore.

7) Waking up, realising it’s mother fucking Saturday, going back to sleep immediately.

8) Being bought a coffee at work. Not a crappy kitchen instant coffee, a nice, coffee shop coffee with caramel and frothy milk and internal happiness.

9) Walking onto the train platform as the train pulls in.

10) Remembering you HAVE shaved your legs and you CAN wear a dress without tights under the glorious blue sky and channel Beyonce all day long at work.

11) Someone else suggesting Mcdonald’s on a brutal hangover, making the whole sordid affair slightly more acceptable.

12) Sorting many belongings into a new handbag and feeling like an organised goddess for a short period of time (until you get to the station and can’t find your Oyster card, keys or phone)

13) Channel 4 showing a film you love on a Sunday night.

14) Being ravenous to the point inanimate objects start to look tasty, looking in your bag and finding a snack. Satsuma. Cereal bar. Crisps. YES.

15) Making a start on a cup of tea at optimum drinking temperature.

16) Finding matching underwear in the morning. A rare and luxurious event that makes you feel like a supermodel.

17) Someone whipping out a lunchbox of homemade brownies in the office during that lull between breakfast and lunch.

18) Being invited to an event on payday. Cocktail list, please, one has some dollar bills to spend.

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