Long haul flight survival guide


I used to love flying when I was a child. It was all about waking up ridiculously early and seeing how many colouring pencils my sister and I could shove in our neon backpacks before getting herded off to the airport in a ball of excitement. Now though, I spend most of my time failing to sleep and worrying how much my skin will dry out or how badly my feet are swelling. Oh and also it gets boring. No matter how many films there are, I just want to get where I’m going.

I used to basically pack a book, some sweets and some magazines that told me who had cellulite this week along with my official documents. Now however, it’s all about not stepping off the plane feeling a wreck with cracked lips, forehead spots, puffy feet and a massive headache. As a fairly frequent flyer, I reckon I’ve finally got my travel essentials down. Especially the long haul. It’s hard to travel for 18 hours and not look like a dishevelled marshmallow, so it’s best to be prepared.

Sweets- VERY important. For ear popping and general yum.

Moisturiser- Loccitane especially. The ultra rich body cream is to die for.

Olay essentials spf 30 moisturiser- I always wash and moisturise my face on really long flights, and since suncream gives me hideous spots, this is the perfect cream for protection and silkiness.

Hand cream- Planes make my hands dry up horrendously for some reason. The cute little Clarins tube in the picture is my plane hand cream. It has nearly run out though. Poor little thing.

Heat pad- 16 hours on a plane is a back ache guarantee.

Kindle- Reading, duh. Oh and they like NEVER run out of battery. It’s amazing.

Notebook- Because I am lists and lists are me.

Eyeliner- Just to make you look a bit more like a human when you get to the other side.

Oh and FYI, I’m getting on a long haul flight in about four hours, so all of these things are crammed in my rucksack now.


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