Let’s talk about face wash: La Roche-Posay


I spend a lot of time thinking about face wash. Written down that seems even more lame than it did in my head but it’s true. Also since I have had a world of skin troubles, I feel compelled to share when I find something good. The skin on my face is a very delicate, hard to handle, intricate operation. My beloved Elemis Tri-Enzyme ran out last week, which gives me the best skin of my life and is a dream. BUT it is a resurfacing wash, so you can’t use it indefinitely and my skin needs a break. TRAUMATIC.

I was ready to part with a lot of money at the Clinique counter to get myself some new make up remover and wash, but put it all back and went with something new. (I also remembered I’m not exactly rolling in it right now.) I read about it online and had never heard about it before I googled ‘face wash for people who get spots and have oily skin and sometimes dry skin HELP ME PLZ’. Something like that anyway.

So I went with La Roche-Posay Effaclar, which is a ‘purifying, foaming gel for sensitive skin.’


it’s a french brand and markets itself as being great for sensitive skin, and good at keeping breakouts at bay, which is what I need. Most of the time I use a new face wash and nervously wait for the spots to appear. However, a week in and so far so good. I still have a couple spots because I currently have ALL of the hormones, but we seem to get along.

It’s alcohol-free, colourant free, parabens-free (they are preservatives) and soap-free. Which is dandy for a sensitive soul like me.

You only need a really little bit as it foams up quite a lot, if you use too much it literally covers your face and you end up with beard of foam dripping all over the place. Beware. You get seriously soft skin after and it’s not really that drying at all, which is a massive bonus. I fell asleep and forgot to moisturise after one use and my skin still felt quite silky 7 hours later.

The only thing I’m not so keen on is the smell. It smells a bit like soap, which is odd as it’s soap-free. But overall, if you’re a sensitive bunny prone to breakouts, this stuff seems like a good bet. My skin feels really nice, and it actually looks pretty even and unblemished now my hormonal skin is easing off.

For the bargain price of £11 you can get a 200ml bottle from Boots that I reckon will last ages. I also don’t find the ingredients massively offensive, which is often the case when I start trying new skin brands. This is probably the best luck I have had with a face wash that isn’t Elemis and I am very happy with our relationship so far. I think we’ll go the distance.


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