Organic, freshly blended and yoga- fueled morning routine? I don’t think so


Scanning through Bloglovin over the weekend (while still in bed obvs) led me to read several ‘my morning routine’ posts. Er, are these real? The fact that people manage to get up 3 hours before work starts is amazing enough, but squeezing in pilates, homemade breakfast, blending up smoothies, doing washing and meditation? Surely not. That picture above of homemade granola, yogurt and berries is maybe the most ambitious I have ever been first thing. Most mornings I set my alarm a full half hour before I crawl out of bed, eyes still half closed and without the ability to talk. Basically my snooze button takes a bashing and I have just enough time to do what I really need to.

I would love to have the motivation and discipline to get up early enough to go to the gym and then make a super healthy breakfast. Getting in any kind of chore like washing would be an enormous bonus but basically, it’s unlikely to ever be that way. The most taxing thing I do in the morning is pick what to wear. I usually put my hair up, wash my face, dab concealer on spots and badly apply some mascara. I then stop by housemates room and we have a conversation that goes something like this: “How is it morning already, Ella? HOW?” “I don’t know Lauren, but I am furious about it.” So yeah. That happens.

The real morning routine happens at work where I get in and complain for a good 15 minutes about the appalling service on the tube. I then compare notes on how many episodes of Parks and Recreation I’ve watched with my friend, and then stumble up the street to buy a skinny something with a shot of flavoured something. Usually when I get back I eat porridge while I read emails and unsubscribe to GroupOn AGAIN.

By this time it’s usually 9:15 and I have to do something work related and concentrate on things that don’t involve peanut butter or anger at Transport for London.

Massive respect to the people out there that have a serious amount of get-up and go at 6am, but I just can’t stomach it. I happen to like my haphazard, non-organic and definitely not freshly blended morning routine. It’s served me well for three years.

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