14 useful things for a girl to decide on

IMG_23151) Do you like what you spend most of your time doing?

2) One thing to change, no matter how small, to boost your happiness. Even buying a caramel latte instead of just a skinny latte because this just makes mornings more sugary and delightful.

3) Are you making the best of your time? Like really, are you though?

4) Who do you need to see the most on your ‘must contact and make a date’ list? You should probably see them SOON.

5) Do you really need to leave the house on this Saturday night when you’re pre-menstrual and all you really want is a bath full of Dairy Milk and Bridget Jones? You probably don’t. Stay under the covers.

6) A really good, relatable book to add to your list to read. Try The Still Single Papers by Alison Taylor.

7) Where do you want to be in a year?

8) Can you get to where you want to be in a year? Maybeeee adjust it to be more realistic because no one likes to feel like a failure and end up in a duvet fort binge eating M&Ms. (Although I would like to do that on most Sundays just because)

9) Have you eaten enough colourful fruit and vegetables this week? (me either, going to get on that, like NOW. Think of your skin)

10) Which day each month you will check your breasts for lumps. DO IT. YOU ALL NEED TO DO IT.

11) What the best thing that’s happened this year? Think about that more while you listen to 1989 for 1939485th time.

12) Which mascara really is the best? Let’s just buy that again instead of wasting money on colourful tubes of disappointment that will gather dust forever more.

13) Hair up or hair down? Seriously, big life choice.

14) Can you find that thing you want in TopShop from a charity shop in a very similar form? Er, yeah probably. Think about how much cheese you can buy with the leftover money.

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