Why you should write down your feelings


So blogging has really blown up. I know so many people who do it. I have a friend who does it as a job full time. I do it for work. My colleagues now do it for work. It is the age of the blog. I remember when I first started one a few years ago, I had no idea what I was doing, I just started writing about a rare health condition I have and didn’t really expect anyone to read it or for it to last that long. Fast forward to now, and that blog pretty much landed me my current job, has it’s own social media account and is used by relevant charities. It even makes a small amount of money.

So yeah, blogging has been good to me.

I started this blog at the end of October last year, basically to get some experience writing about stuff outside of health, which is what I do for work. I wanted to just have a chance to write about whatever the hell I wanted, and just because I LOVE WRITING. I don’t pay an awful lot of attention to who reads this, or how many people, (I mean, I did once drunkenly ask a man on the bus if he liked my blog and he ended up reading it on his phone, so there’s that) I just like to write stuff.

This whole lifestyle blogging thing has turned into a diary of sorts, which I suppose is the whole point. In the last six months I’ve had a really stressful time, as my dentist confirmed a few weeks ago by shouting ‘OH GOD YOU MUST STOP GRINDING YOUR TEETH!!!!’ Life, eh? So now whatever I am thinking about, if it’s friends, fruit, shoes or even the dry skin on my hands, I just write about it. I actually write LOADS. All the time. I do it on my phone while sitting on the tube or early in the morning at work when no one else is around and I am shoveling porridge at my face. I do it late at night when I can’t sleep. I once did it while I sat on some grass and let my dog sniff a tree for ten minutes. I don’t publish it all on here because seriously, who wants to read about my period pains? Do I really want to share my period pains? No. Probably not. I Still write about them though. Mostly like: OUCH WHY HELP WHY OUCH UNFAIR.

What I can say about this whole experience though, is that I now have somewhere to dump my thoughts and it’s SO therapeutic. It also has proved that I am not alone in a lot of things I worry about regularly and end up questioning my sanity over. My social media following has gone up thanks to a few fairly popular posts, and I get some good feedback. so overall, blogging has been completely worthwhile. I also now get inspired by everything I see. I pay more attention to things because I never know what will lead to a good blog post. It’s quite nice to be more aware of what’s happening around me and reflecting on it properly.

I write a lot for my job, and I like it a lot, but it’s not the same as just taking a blank page and filling it with whatever the hell I fancy. If I want to ramble on about how much I love mint sauce, I can. If I want to list everything I love about the month of April, I can. Talking to people is helpful when you want to clear your mind, but so is writing. I couldn’t recommend it more if you feel like you need to dump the contents of your brain and refresh your head but aren’t sure how. Just write it all down. Write it in a notebook. Write on your phone. Write on your walls (maybe not if you rent). Just write it somewhere.

My blog is basically like my mate who just accepts whatever I think, and the other stuff that comes with it is all experience.

7 thoughts on “Why you should write down your feelings

  1. I love this! Totally agree – I like having a little record of what I’ve been up to and how I’ve been feeling. I also love that my blog gives me somewhere to try and muster up a little positivity when I’m having a bit of a down day.


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