6 stress-busting pictures to make life a bit prettier and calmer

Basically life in one word right now is STRESS. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a clenched jaw. I’ve also developed an extreme resting bitch face, just so everyone on the tube knows I mean business and absolutely do not want a chat about the meaning of ‘good service.’

I will actually do something soon to alleviate said stress, but until then, here are 6 pictures that relate to my life that make everything feel calmer, nicer and a bit more acceptable. I suggest anyone else feeling a bit ‘OMG WTF WHY’ makes a similar collage to look at while drinking a gallon tea.

Mirissa Beach in Sri Lanka, where I am going in four weeks to do nothing but eat roti and look at lush scenery:


Bedroom things. Since deciding on moving I am more obsessed with Pinterest than ever:


Printing Photos. Because it’s nice to wake up and look at happy times on beaches with people you love:


Watching sunsets. One of my favourite things to do, thanks to the pretty urban view from my flat:


Coffee. One of my true loves in life. Pret coffee in particular even though the queues are always SO long:


Baking. Because stress makes me hungry. These are beetroot and orange juice brownies btw, ❤ ❤ :


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