The London Blitz Party

If you’re looking for something different to do in London with your friends- go to The Blitz Party. I’ve been twice now, in two different venues and it is all of the fun. You do have to dress up 40s style, but actually, the likelihood you have something in your wardrobe that will fit the bill is high. Think collared dresses, shirt dresses, shirts and culottes. This is one of those events where people really do make the effort, so if you do it, do it right.

Aside from the dressing up element, it’s also a nice excuse for girls to really go to town on hair and makeup. This is literally the perfect event to bust out your Mac Ruby Woo and do some serious winged eyeliner. Victory rolls are HARD, so don’t be too upset when you try to do them from eight different YouTube tutorials and still like you have a head of poorly executed quiffs. You can just go for the large, loose curled look and stick in a nice hair clip. It’s also an instragram dream, so that’s always nice.


The party itself is decked out to look much like a bunker, with seriously cool props and war time food and drink. The bar serves Raspberry Collins and champagne and spitfire ale, so literally every element fits the theme. This year had a hair and make up stand too, in case you get too tipsy to really pull off some sort of land girl look on your own.


The music is very much swing and you can’t help but move constantly. It’s definitely worth a go if you’re looking for something new to try. It also helps to really enjoy dressing up, and if you do, then this is a must. It doesn’t come cheap, with tickets this year priced at £26 and a fairly expensive bar, but it’s worth the money for the real experience and effort put in by the organisers. You can find out more here and get dates of the next party, which is usually monthly.





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