London tired- a whole new kind of exhaustion


I just emailed my friend about something and finished it off by saying I felt like I could crawl under my desk and sleep for ten hours. This is becoming a more frequent feeling, even when I get a good amount of undisturbed sleep and have early nights, eat healthily and exercise, I still feel really done in most afternoons and evenings in the week. In fact, the weekends too.

I wrote a post before about living, working and playing in London, and it’s the most read post on my blog. I think this is because so many people can sympathise. London wares you out. A lot.

I’m not sure if it’s how busy everything is, or how loud, or how constantly on the go. I can’t pick any one thing to nail down my problem to, it’s probably just a combination (and of course work is tiring). I went home (about 40 minutes out of London) to stay with my parents for a couple of nights last week and felt unbelievably rested after a short time. Everything is just a bit quieter and there are so many less people and hell of a lot less noise. It was a bit like being in a little bubble of peace, and when I got home and went back on tube I immediately felt a bit agitated and annoyed at people around me for no real reason.

Since Christmas I definitely haven’t had a long enough break to get away from the buzz and the packed tubes and the impossibly busy streets and the traffic noises that wake me up at night.

I think everyone who is a full-time Londoner knows what it’s like to be ‘London tired’. I think we all need to remember to take a bit of time and out and have a detox from it more often, even just one night away somewhere. As much as I do love the comfort of having everything on my doorstep and a wide net of transport and many branches of H&M that open late, I also really miss strolling along at a normal pace and not being constantly ‘jostled’ everywhere. Jostled is a good word.

For the rest of 2015, I want some more breaks from the big city.

It’s so nice to not be disturbed by sirens and night bus noises or bumped into by multiple people and their suitcases for a day or so.

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