International Day of Happiness in pictures

I love photos. And I love happy. Happy is good. I jut put together something for International Day of Happiness for my work blog, which is about people who give up time to help work on HIV projects, so now I feel all inspired.

So for no other reason other than happiness and it’s sunny and why the hell not, here are some of my favourite happy photos.

1) Dipping my feet in the sea in Croatia at Unknwon festival

2) Hanging out with an elephant and my boyfriend in Thailand

3) Graduation day with my family

4) Pretending a mop is a broomstick with one of my best friends in a gross club toilet

5) Being squinty on a romantic getaway to Paris with my oldest friend

6) My favourite thing on this earth: fizzy pick and mix. BABE ❤



pariss  IMG_9666

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