6 things to go buy right now

6 things collage

So several things are exciting. It’s spring, it’s been sunny a few times, it’s slowly approaching holiday season and I haven’t started dying of hayfever yet despite it being mid-March. I swear last year my nose tingled from March 1st, so this is delightful. Anyway, these are things I either have or things I REALLY want and undoubtedly will have very soon.

1) 642 things to write about- I do have this, I got it yesterday and it’s basically full of writing prompts. If you need some inspiration or want to start writing again after a break, or even want to start writing a book, I recommend this.

2) Asos Cat-eye sunglasses- I love these dearly. As I am going away in a few weeks to hopefully some sunshine, I think I’ll get these and look cat-like forever more.

3) Paperchase map photo album- My boyfriend got me this a few weeks ago because I have a tendency to record and file everything, and filing travelling photos is better than spending time arranging paperwork. I love everything from Paperchase, and this is hardback, and old-school style and perfect for all your photos of you drinking from a coconut on a beach.

4) Gap orange shirt dress- I haven’t ever bought anything from Gap but I went in with my mum this week and fell in love with this. Orange is fun. It’s bright, and will absolutely compliment my ghostly complexion. Not. But who cares. Also I reckon you could be fairly bloated in that and it wouldn’t show too much, so there’s a win.

5) Breast Cancer broach- These are only £3 from the official Breast Cancer Care website and they are worth every penny.I have two, one on both of my most worn coats and I think more people should. Cancer affects so many people, and research is so important, so this is £3 well spent.

6) Body Shop Almond conditioning handwash. When something smells this good, you can’t really say no. You will want to clean your hands A LOT, which is no bad thing I guess. It also leaves your hands feeling supremely silky.

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